how you know a boy is a keeper

At the Mennonite Girls Can Cook party. . . someone mentioned that they knew someone that knew me in high school. My mind flew to the picture in my annual. . . that loathsome shot. ..
(I'm not the pretty blond girl. . .nope. . .I'm the auburn girl)
#1 reason a girl should listen to her mother. . . ."those glasses are too big for your face".
Oddly. . . I thought they were pretty snazzy.
Hideous. . .
My grade 12 picture now pasted permanently on the wall at my high school forever more.
A perm growing out for grad. . .
Ah. . keeps me humble.
The #2 reason a girl should listen to her mother. . . .
"I like Terry. . .I hope you marry him someday".
She likely noted that he did not flinch upon arriving at my door to see me in my glasses. . .
He was a keeper all right.
We're off for a Christmas breakfast with my siblings. ..
All for now, with love. . .


  1. That's funny. My dearest and I were first-graders together, and began attending the same church when I was 14. We were friends all through high school and youth group, but never dated. During my first year of college, my mother became fairly exasperated with one of the young men I had been dating, and she loudly exclaimed that I should be dating a nice young man like "Doc!" Our mothers are indeed wise and worth listening to!

  2. I might show you my grad photo, but certainly NOT any other high scool photos!

  3. Ohh ! enjoy your breakfast, Lovella and say hi to all my cousins for me !!

    Yes .. Terry was a keeper .. I remember well the 'buzz' in the family when you started dating !! smile

  4. Again, brave woman that you are to always "keep it real." I have no intention of sharing either my real graduation photo or my yearbook one, unless I lose more brain cells.

    Have a wonderful Christmas breakfast with your siblings!

  5. Ahh yes I look back and wonder 'how could I have thought that looked good?' when I see my school pics. I tell my g'kids that someday they will look back and chuckle at their pictures and they look at me 'funny'..grin
    Enjoy your family breakfast Lovella!

  6. I am so glad they didn't post our Grad pictures on our high School wall. All 5 of my children attended the same school and I'm not sure they could handle that picture of their mother(who had the big glasses and "naturally" frizzy hair - no perms for her)staring at them every day :)

    I married my high school sweetheart too.

    32 years on Dec 30th.

  7. Awww...I kind of like the Elliot Gould big glasses style. They looked pretty good on Jamie Lee Curtis in "True Lies"...and I say still look better than the teensie weensie rectangular frames I see on everyone now, IMHO.

    Who was the hottie guy at the beginning of your row??? What happened to him?

    In high school my DH looked exactly like the guy two rows above you, next to the girl with the polk-a-dot neck scarf. But without the glasses.

    Some of your classmates look scary. Any of them turn out to be mass murderers that you know of?

  8. You are brave...pulling out old yearbooks. Terry could see beyond the glasses! I had the big glasses as well...and had them for a very long time in my nightstand.

    Hope you had a wonderful Christmas breakfast.

  9. Too Funny!
    Enjoy the storm. It's already blowing out here.
    I love this weather. It makes everything feel like Christmas...

  10. Yes, you are brave, but at least it's comforting to know that the girl above you has big glasses too!

  11. Simply beautiful....tear in the corner of my eye.

    Merry Christmas

  12. My love was smitten with me in my black octagons back in the day.
    Lovella....I had some specs like yours!!!
    They were Diane Von Furstenburg!
    Thought I was stylin', too!

  13. You're braver than I am, Lovella!! There's no way I'd post my Grade 12 yearbook photo! I too had huge glasses, but that summer I bought my first contacts and they changed my life (or so I was convinced!)
    I hope you're surviving this wintery weather. We're snowed in here on the Island, but a kind neighbour will be over in the morning with his plough, so we'll enjoy being cozy with a fire for now.

  14. Well, don't feel too bad; it was the style at the time....and being older than you, I was old enough to know better but I had some very similar Mr. Magoo glasses and wore them proudly, and have the photos to prove it!

    Thank goodness those days are over! I think we are all much better looking now anyway.

  15. Oh my Lovella...I enjoyed that photo and you know what? I am sure you could insert my photo in there and you would seem the same LARGE...'kiss your cheeks' glasses that I wore too! Grin....nice post....glad I brought it up :P


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