warning . . . cranky pants Lovella

I'm not amused. . .I was all set to post happy and festive pictures of my tree today and now it will have to wait until tomorrow because I'm cranky. Those of you that know me well. . . will attest to the truth of the matter that I enjoy watching the News and keeping abreast of current affairs. Recently it has begun to seem like Canada is driving into a dark tunnel and who knows how the play will end. Several months ago. . .Canada had a federal election where as a democratic nation we voted which party should run the country. Though the Conservatives came through with a minority government. . .they did come through.

Now for those of you who live in the States wonder what this minority government business is all about. . .let me with my basic knowledge. . .explain this. We have not two parties running for government. . .we have a whole basket full of them. The two main parties are the Conservatives who are generally speaking more right wing. . .and the Liberals who are generally speaking a little more left wing. Then, we have the New Democrats who are Left wing . . .and oh. . don't forget about Quebec who is our French speaking Province. Not all Quebec'ers want to leave Canada but the party that represents those that do want to leave. . are called the Bloc Québécois party.

Now, it seems, that those three parties that didn't win the election. . .have had some talks and have decided to . .. wait for it. . .wait for it. . .

work together. . .

Now. . . if any of you have ever watched our Parliament in action. . .

working together. . .has never their strong trait.

This plan that they have hatched. .would mean that the three parties. . .(one of which is trying to break Quebec away from the rest of Canada). . to vote a non confidence against the Conservatives. . .and take the power. It could very well end up being our Govenor General who represents the Queen that will decide what is to be done.

She has a few choices. ..she may

a) decide to hold another $30 million dollar election

b) ask the coalition to try to form a government and work diligently together

or c) have the Prime Minister come back in January with a new budget.

Last time I checked we were still a Democracy and we allowed the party that won the most seats . . .to govern our country.

Over the years, either the Liberals or the Conservatives have governed our country and we have prayed for each of them that they would have wisdom and courage to do what is right.

The last time that a coalition of parties voted to take over the ruling government was during World War 1.

I know that the moon will continue to come up over the mountains from the east .. .

the direction of our Nations Capital. ..Ottawa. .

And . .

I know that God still ultimately sits on the throne. . .but boy ..

this one irks me. . .

So. . . . I did what all Canadians can still do. . .in our free country. . .
I signed a petition to stop this silliness. . .
I pray that common sense will prevail and true democracy will win, and that God will give wisdom to those that have the power to keep our country free.
O Canada. . .we stand on guard for thee. .
If you are still with me. . .and have read to the end. . .and would like to sign the petition .. .you can do that here. (At least now you know what is going on. . . according to my understanding.
As far as I can see, it doesn't matter who you voted for in the last election, .. .
what matters is. .
whether you believe in Democracy? Do you believe that your vote will count?
Even if you hoped one of the other parties would have won. .
is this how you would choose them to win?
Ah. . .don't mind me, I may be sorely confused on the whole subject and if you understand things differently, I am sure you'll clarify things for me with your comments. . .
Don't worry . ..tomorrow I'll be back with a smile on my face. . .and a picture of my tree.
Have a wonderful day my friends.
I'm going to soothe my soul by spending my whole day. ..
being a grammie. . .


  1. Oh Lovella...I don't think some Canadians even realize the HUGE crossroads we now sit at with this stupid and silly posturing going on. In fact, it is not posturing...it is a reality and I fear that even if the outcome does not go to the coalition...the damage is done...how will there be a strong and steady government after this? And at the worst of times...it is serious business...who would have thot things would come to this? It all happened to fast...were we watching, waiting, looking elsewhere and not paying attention to our own backyard? I am greatly saddened by this turn of events and altho I am not a gloom and doom person..I can see the 'writing on the wall' with this ...

  2. I too have been grouchy here in the US over our recent elections. I will pray for Canadians to have the wisdom to do what is right. Canada is dear to my heart- the home of both of my parents and their families. Although I have never lived in Canada I was a Canadian citizen because of my parents until I became an American. I have spent may wonderful summers in your beautiful country!

  3. Oh girl, I hear you. In California a resolution was passed on marriage and those who opposed it want to overturn the majority legal vote just because they don't like it, just by complaining to the courts to overturn it. It seems we have nations now filled with spoiled children just wanting their way above everything else...
    We live in an interesting time and I pray to God that He will give us the strength and the wisdom to live through whatever comes our way...

  4. I couldn't have said it better Lovella! As you said God is still on the throne and I cling to that!

  5. Lovella, I had no idea! No wonder you're Miss Cranky Pants today. I tell ya, politics everywhere is getting nuttier and nuttier. It's enough to make a gal think that the end is in sight. In the meantime, keep believing and knowing that God has a plan and that the enemy is not his counterpart...nowhere near it!

  6. By the way, you explained that beautifully!

  7. Difficult times, indeed. It's hard to know where we'll be tomorrow with all the upset on Parliament Hill - but as you said, the moon will still come up tonight and we will go on. I, too, hate the waste of time, energy and money in the name of pride. I don't believe this has anything to do with 'the right thing to do' - as always it's about power - and I predict another expensive election not far down the road.
    So, be as cranky as you want to be, and know that you're not alone!

  8. I'm guilty of being so focused on the political scene here in the US that I have no clue what's going on with our northern neighbors. Even if I had been hearing bits and pieces about this, I wouldn't have picked up on the serious implications of this business. You did an outstanding job of explaining this. I am praying for wisdom for your leaders...as well as wisdom for ours.

  9. You stated that very well....I think alot of us have been watching the news the past days.
    Doesn't make sense at all....
    Maybe it's time some of us step up to the plate....
    I'm still thankful for our freedoms that we have.

  10. You did a great job describing a very tumultuous and complicated situation. How can those who claim they speak for us put their own ambitions and grudges ahead of their responsibilities? I'm not just cranky - I'm angry that they demonstrate such direspect and disdain for the citizens who elected them. How can they even think that we would accept as prime minister someone who led the party that lost the most votes this past election and does not even have the confidence of his own party? Duh!!!
    However angry I am, Like you, I still have confidence that God will use this messy situation to bring good. I'm glad He has the wisdom and discernment to handle it.

  11. Thanks for posting about this serious crisis, Lovella! I wanted to do likewise...but was a little short on time.

    On last night's evening news, it was stated that the only thing that will now stop this coalition from proceeding, is a groundswell of public opinion. Write letters...send them to all MP's. I did just that yesterday.

    If anyone is interested in a list e-mail addresses for all the MP's (even a basic letter you can change to suit yourself)...send me an e-mail at judithsfrontporch@gmail.com and I will forward the info. There's not much we can do, but let's do what little we can!

    And we can PRAY!

  12. Great job, Lovella... Yes, even as Christians we need to do what we can. Signing on as members of the Conservative Party is also helpful since apparently the gov. watches the member numbers.. and a rise in the Conservative numbers is a strong message against the coallition.
    We will also be signing the petition.
    I CANNOT believe that this is happening ..... it is very upsetting and the fallout frightening.... The very best thing we can do is pray !! Pray that God will preserve the stability of our nation and that He will overturn those who are plotting mischief. (I'm being polite)

  13. Cranky here too! Thanks for the link..I went over and signed the petition.
    I just can't believe that there is a possibility that the vote in October can just be thrown out. Any respect I had for those 3 party leaders has completely gone.
    In days like this, it is good to know God is sovreign.

  14. Chilling plots are afoot globally, and I am thankful for your willingness to be "a watchman on the wall" for your corner of the world.

    I pray we will all stand firm to the end of days.

  15. OH, I am so sharing your feelings right now. It makes me feel anxious and powerless, and like you, incredibly angry. But as you said, we just have to trust and remember that God is still the true sovereign ruler on the throne......and continue to pray. Lori

  16. I usually don't get involved in politics, but this one has got me fuming too! Like Bev said, "How can they even think that we would accept as prime minister someone who led the party that lost the most votes this past election and does not even have the confidence of his own party" and I add, he doesn't even know how to speak English properly. That is rude, but for me it just adds some annoyance to what he stands for. Yes, we (I) need to pray and maybe we've (I've)forgotten about that during good times.
    There is also a number that you can call to register your no vote.
    It is 1 416 870 4444 Use as many phone numbers as you have, if you want to vote against this coalition.

  17. thankyou for the way you wrote that. It was fair and brought out the main parts. I am praying that the Governor General will use common sense and listen to what the people of Canada want!

  18. I hate hate hate mean greedy people and that is basically how I see most policitians--mean, greedy and power hungry. How about if we go off and live by ourselves on a deserted island? Oh, and we can be there and pray for sanity in our various governments!

  19. Wow, thank you for the lesson on Canadian politics.....I certainly learned a lot, and it all sounds rather complicated and too many fingers in the pie. I also had no idea the Queen still had any say in your government....

    It is aggravating when the people speak and then others find ways to disregard that....like the situation Ellen described here in California. The world is changing, changing, changing...

  20. You're my first stop back in bloggingville Lovella.

    I've been keeping abreast of this debacle too - I'm so glad it turned out as it did.

    As are 68% of Canadians.

    Let's hope the politicians are listening.


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