2008 a review in pictures

It occurred to me while I was looking at all my pictures from last year. . .
that I document the happiest of moments. .
the friendships and family moments that we forever want to remember.
Lord, let my life truly be one of thankfulness for each joy from this last year. . .
savouring each kind gesture and gentle word. . .each encouragement. .
and let me be that for others this coming year. . .

In January, I spent time learning how to be a grammie to two little wee ones which were a few months old . ..

I also had my closet organizer come through for her annual decluttering. .
(hint. . .hint)

In February. . .I decided to become less sedentary, and though I stopped watching every step. .
I continue to walk towards better health.

In February. . .we seriously began to study how to make the old merc into a rod.

.. . and we pruned the fruit trees and enjoyed some sunny days.

In March .. .my beloved and I celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary in Maui. .
and fell in love all over again.

In April we went to tulip town on a date. . .

In May. . .we went to Harrison Hot Springs on a particularly perfect day . . .

In June. . .we went Strawberry picking. . .because we wanted to.

In July. . .our family surprised their dad (my beloved) with a weekend get away for his 50th birthday.

In August. . .we went blueberry picking. . .because we wanted to.

We also went to Manning Park. . .for our camping vacation. . . .

where the lil' farm hand spent his nap .. .learning to enjoy chocolate puffed wheat squares. . .
( I still smile at that one)
( he needed no dinner that night)

In September. . .the frame of the old merc got a good blast of sand .. .
(just to show it who it's boss is)

In September I found this delightful yo-yo quilt at our local MCC sale.

I also . .went garage sale shopping and found this little car that I've since pushed around the farm for hours. . .and had many smiles from folks in cars going by.

In October .. .William and Anna arrived in Canada. . .
immigrating from California. .

In October. . .the motor was permanently laid to rest to store up energy in the frame.

In November the grandgirlie ordered herself up a Tinkerbell cake to celebrate her birthday.

In December the lil' farm hand had his mommy make him a farm yard cake. .
and he blew out his whole row of fence candles. . .
because he could.

In December we had a snowfall that gave us a White Christmas that I'll remember for years to come.
It has been a wonderful year of learning, loving and living. . .
I am truly blessed.
Enjoy this the last day of 2008. . .
all for now . . .with love,


  1. Oh Lovella, thanks for the recap...those thankful moments captured again and reminders to all of us...to have a thankful heart. Have a Happy New Year dear Lovella, you have the best foot forward as you cross the yearly threshold...with a thankful heart.

  2. What a wonderful way to recap a blessed year! Isn't it great to be able to capture these memories like this? That's one more little thing for which to be thankful: a good camera!

    See you in 2009!

  3. What a beautiful review! I don't know how you were able to choose just a few pics, but I remember most of them! I especially remember the wedding trip because it came when the weather here was horrific and I so enjoyed your photographs of paradise.

    Here's to another wonderful year ahead!



  5. A blessed year, and what a blessing to be able to visit it again through pictures!
    (Love that farm yard cake...)

  6. Wonderful memories! A Happy and Blessed New Year to you and yours Lovella!!

  7. what a wonderful way to capture the last year...you really have been blessed but honestly i think that your reader have been truly blessed. thankyou for allowing me to join you in the journey and challenging me to become all that God has created me to be.

  8. I love these year-end magazines...featuring the best of 2008! Thanks for sharing all your special moments with us throughout the year...and for the quick tour today. Re-living the past year is a wonderful reminder of our many blessings.

    Happy New Year to you both!

  9. What a lovely 'highlights of 08'!
    Your photos are always so lovely - I've been inspired to install Picasa and yesterday spent some time trying to figure it all out. I may be calling on you for a little advice!
    Happy New Year - I hope that 09 will be as fullfilling as 08 for you and your family.

  10. What a perfecrt way to re-cap this past year! I enjoyed it . . . some pictures bringing back memories and some I hadn't seen. (like some beautiful cakes!) I will be doing my 2009 photo album, starting soon and will have a similar reminder of God's blessings. May we never forget how much we have to be thankful for. One of my hightlites for this past year has been joining the MGCC - thanks to you - I learned how to blog!! (and I can't forget the friendships gained by this) Happy New Year to your family!

  11. I've enjoyed "sharing" this past year with you Lovella, through your blog and photos. Thank you for being a source of inspiration, thought, and humor!

    See you in 2009!

    Lori T

  12. Lovely review of 2008! I love all the happenings. I agree with Vicki--the best thing about a good camera is the memories!

    Eleanor sends New Years Greetings to William and Anna!

  13. Great recap. I just found your blog recently, so this was a good intro into your last year.
    Happy New Year and many blessings for 2009!

  14. How Wonderful.
    Let me help you and put those on Shutterfly and you can make a beautiful calendar for your family next year. I did that this year and it was a real winning gift.
    It's so nice to review how God has blessed you and your family.
    Blessings to the New Year.

  15. Enjoyed your year in review Lovella, and want to echo your first comments/thoughts, hoping I too will be an encouragement to others this coming year - Lord knows, we all need more of that!

  16. beautiful pix and great memories, lovella! happy new yr and 2009!

  17. Ohhh a perfect year in review! Maybe its more important to look back and be thankful than it is to make all those new year resolutions for a year that is yet unknown !!

  18. What a wonderful year in review!!! Happy New Year to you! It's been a fun year of blogging and I'm looking forward to the next one.


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