I'm dreaming of a white christmas. . .

. ..I'm still tucked deep under the covers at my snow retreat. . . but if you are feeling ambitious this morning. . .run and see the pie I made for the Mennonite Girls Can Cook blog.

Fresh Whipped Cream topping a Coconut Milk Cream Pie. . . in a tender flaky crust. . .
I do trust that photos of the snow retreat will soon be posted. . .we can only hope. . .can't we?

All for now, with love. . .


  1. I hope that you're having a marvelous time, Lovella! I'm looking forward to the photos...

    That pie looks so good.

  2. Lovella..I just came from MGCC and I'm still drooling over that pie! Enjoy your snow..you may never have another Christmas like it!

  3. You just enjoy your snow...we are definitely having a white Christmas this year!

    And the pie...you make it look SO good. And I love coconut cream pie!

  4. Oh I've seen it and it's a lovely feast for the eyes, indeed! Love the photos I'm seeing from the Winter Wonderland you are all in right now...
    Have a wonderful day Lovella...

  5. I'm so jealous of your snow. I'm so jealous that Heidi is up there in the snow. And then you have to go and have it snowin' on your blog. You are too cute!

  6. What a terrific snow. I do feel bad for those who have to travel in it but for those of us from the Prairies...it is so nice to reminisce. Also....a white Christmas...who could ask for more? Maybe it will help families to stick together in their homes as they should during the season and spend less time shopping? Anyway...have a nice time tucked under those covers...wow...and eating that pie no less!!!!

  7. this pie....oh my oh my!
    enjoy your white christmas....it really is a gift and i can't imagine christmas any other way!

  8. Okay Lovella, what is the deal, do Mennonite women have some kind of crazy sick metabolism? You are so skinny...trying not to be jealous or to drool uncontrolably. ;-)

    Merry Christmas sweet Lovella, you were one of my very first blogging friends.

    mama to 6
    one homemade and 5 adopted

  9. Stay tucked under those blankets..
    It's wonderful when the angels do the Baking.
    Have a wonderful retreat.

  10. Yes, do enjoy your retreat! I'm going over to check out the pie.

  11. And it looks like you'll get that white christmas after all.

  12. I LOVE your snowy blog! Merry Christmas Lovella.
    I so enjoy your blog and look forward to many wonderful posts in the New Year.


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