1983 circa snow suits

Winter has arrived in proper fashion. It was announced yesterday on the weather channel that Canada is completely covered in snow.

Snow falls on the west coast of Canada are usually followed by rain falls .. .and slop.

We've had a week of temperatures below freezing.

We will be having a white Christmas if the weather forecast proves correct.

I love the idea of a White Christmas . . .

(I pray that I never say otherwise. . . )

My beloved and I are having a very special short little snow retreat tonight. . .
(pictures just might follow .. .no promises)
My groceries for Christmas Day are stashed and the gifts are tucked under the tree. . .
there is nothing left to do but Celebrate.
My heart is ready. . . .
I'll be back on Christmas Eve to wish you a Merry Christmas.
All for now, with love . . .


  1. What a snowsuit!!!! It looks very safety conscious (bright yellow).

    The snow falling on your blog is beautiful!!! Never seen that before.

    I hope you all have a special Christmas!

  2. Enjoy your little retreat...it sounds so nice.

    One more trip to the grocery and a bit of cleaning, and I'll be all ready for Christmas, too.

    Have a wonderful week and a blessed Christmas!

  3. Love that flashy snow suit!! It's wonderful you are all ready with all this snow now to enjoy. We are hoping and praying our kids can make it out of Seattle on their flight Tuesday evening....

  4. Dare I say you look a bit like a banana? a very cute one though!
    Enjoy the holidays with your family and little grandbabes. I think it will be a fun one!

  5. Those snowsuits are great and if I could fit into the yellow one, I'd wear it today with pride. I love yellow and I love being warm. Have just come in from shoveling the end of the drive, which was packed with several feet of snow. (The truck has a flat tire...ackkk!)

    I love that your "heart is ready." I am praying for the moment when I can say the same...soon, I hope, very sooooon.

    Enjoy your mini-retreat!

  6. That yellow - I remember when it, along with turquoise and fuschia, was everywhere.....we survived the 80's!
    I hope you enjoy your snow retreat! Good for you for having all your preparations made - I hope to be able to say the same thing by the end of the day

  7. i love that bright yellow snow suit! that says fun to me, a little sunshine with all the grey weather ;-).
    we had another family gathering at our home yesterday and i am as ready for christmas as i am going to be i guess. just working more on my heart...

  8. I love your snowsuit, Lovella!

    Have a wonderful snow retreat...and enjoy the celebration of the season. How nice to be ready...both heart and home!

  9. I guess you don't have that suit anymore? =) I love the snow falling on your screen! I also love the excuse the snow gives us to stay inside. My h went grocery shopping with me yesterday (something we never do together and I'd never do on Sundays), but it feels good to have my stash ready too now. Looking forward to good family times with those we have with us!

  10. So cute little munchkins!

    Was that your house in the background? And what was up with the faceless snowman?

  11. The yellow is so....well, YOU! Love it. And boy do you ever look fantastic for having 2 boys. Geeze.
    I love the blog template with the snow!!!!!!

  12. I love that Yellow snowsuit....Wow, I used to have a jacket just like that.
    Enjoy your Christmas celebrations with your family.

  13. Jill, that was the neigbors house across the street.
    Funny about the snowman face missing. . .maybe he was looking at the neigbors or for the traffic going by. . .we should have taken it the other direction with our house in the background. . .I've gotten a little better at fashion and photography. . .woo hoo.

  14. Oh, I remember that yellow suit. What fun. I remember the boys just that way too. Any snow and there had to be a snowman. Isn't it fun to look at old photos. Enjoy your retreat:) Kathy OS love the now on the screen....how clever

  15. Love the snow suit. My mom had one in orange and brown. very attractive. :)
    That is always my one constant wish each Christmas - snow! I'd like a few feet actually. :)
    Hope you have a wonderfully blessed Christmas.

  16. Did you know that yellow is the most noticeable color? That's why many fire engines and paramedic trucks are yellow...

    Enjoy your short retreat!

    Merry Christmas!

  17. That's a great suit - I had one very similar for skiing. Only it was pink :)

    Snow from coast to coast - the first time in 37 years I heard!

    Enjoy your retreat!

  18. Lovella those picture are adorable! So cute! It's pictures like that that make me want to get out there in the snow with my kids. Such good memories!

  19. Great photos! I like the snow on your blog too...I've seen that around on a few other blogs. Very snazzy.

  20. Island Sparrow's comment about it being the first time there has been snow coast to coast in 37 years.

    Does Al Gore know about this? Does he find this to be "An Inconvenient Truth"?


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