O Come Let Us Adore Him

I took this picture in the early 70's while we were visiting family back east.

We were on our way to worship, travelling in our warm car .. .

and passed by horses and buggies all headed to their place of worship.

It was a blizzardy morning. . . I shivered looking at them.

Our bungalow will be bustling with activity in a few hours .. .

the turkey is ready to roast and the dressing and side dishes should know the routine. .

I have become my mother . . . .waiting for the children to arrive . . .

Nothing warms my heart like warm smiling faces from those I love. . .coming in the door.

I am ready . . .

When God sent his Son that first Christmas morning for us. . .

he knew that His son would be laid in a manger . . .

worshipped by the angels .. .

Oh Come Let Us Adore Him . . .this Christmas morn.

May you find joy in Celebrating the Christ Child . ..

All for now .. . with love .. .


  1. i too wish you a merry christmas warmed by the presence of your loved ones.

  2. Enjoy your cozy day with your loved ones - may it be a happy, joyful day!

    Oh, I can just imagine the little ones tearing into the wrapping paper...and probably enjoying the paper itself as much as what's inside!

  3. Have a wonderful day...with all the family back in the nest! We were talking last night after the kids all left...how quickly the years slip by.It wasn't so long ago, we took our little ones...and gathered with all the cousins at 'grandma's' on Christmas Eve. And now we are 'grandma's place'...and I like it.

  4. I wonder how excited Mary must have been when Jesus would come home from his adventures. Hmm... I think we can relate. That is how, if not more, Jesus must feel about us. Hard to imagine sometimes! Have a wonderful day, Lovella! Enjoy your day, and Merry Christmas!

  5. ....And I'm another one whose home has become 'grandma's place' and I love it!
    The potatoes are peeled, dressing is ready to go into the bird and I've had my first cup of tea. Wee Declan is still asleep and the rest of us are waiting for the 'action' to begin.
    Have a wonderful day, Lovella!

  6. Merry Christmas my friend. *hugs*

  7. A most merry Christmas to you, dear friend!

  8. Merry Christmas Lovella! Our celebration is winding down, Mama Mia and The Marine are back on the train to San Diego and I'm relaxing!

    Our New Boy is still going strong and playing with his new toys and all his aunties and uncles.


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