what a helper

You might wonder what the actual job description is for the lil' farm hand.
We arrived into the barn after our morning nap. . .
to assist in gathering the eggs.
Then we cleaned up the egg packer .. .

We became acquainted with the pallet jack.

We finished putting the eggs into the cooler.

We helped carry the boot mats that fit underneath the packer for easy ...
into the washtub for cleanup.
After that. . .we ate scrambled eggs for lunch. . .
and helped to keep Grammie in shape. . .
and then we napped while Grammie got dinner ready. . .
and declared the first ever "for real" day on the job. . .
a success.
It's another grammie day today .. .and then . . .it's back to Christmas prep.
I won't be sharing everything that happens at cousin camp. .
but I wanted to document today. ..so that someday. . .
he can see. . .what a joy he was.
All for now. . .with love,


  1. My goodness, he put in a long day on the job! I'm sure it made Grampie's day go much smoother.

    (My daughter sent me a photo of her tummy yesterday - my little grandson is growing!)

  2. Oh, yeah ... He is PRECIOUS! And I can see that he is the delight of his grandparents. I pray that he will stay close to y'all and develop a strong work ethic from his Grampa and a tender heart for the Lord from his Grammie.

  3. Oh how fun! I hope that my day will be equally so. This has me already wondering what tasks I can give the grand.

  4. What a wonderful post (yesterday's too :) You are so blessed and your love and appreciation of it comes through in every word you write.

  5. Love, love, love it! It will definately be so much fun for him to see...

  6. What a precious post and a precious little boy too. I love his little blue jeans :D

  7. Well...you have him trained in no time. And he looks like he loves his job! So sweet...and he will love seeing the chapters on 'the l'il farmhand' one day.

  8. Very Sweet! He earned that nap! May we send The New Boy up for on the job training? He's nearly old enough now. So far his Mama has taught him how to sort laundry and the mail and sweep the floors.

  9. Oh my - I could just grab him and "squeeze the guts out of him" as my very dear MIL would say about her little grandboys and grandgirlies. I'm sure he'll be a big help to Grampie.

  10. I can sure see that this has being a Grammie has pulled your heart in a new direction.
    I love watching you enjoy these years. I'm sure Terry is just loving it! We can relive our youth!

  11. So Cute! Like the car bumper says, "If I'd know how much fun grandkids are, I'd have had them first."

  12. Ohh... 'hired' hands could never merit the honor of someone blogging their first day on the job... MUCH better are the 'born to the job' ones..... looks like he's a keeper !!!! SMILE

  13. What a good little helper...wow, he better watch his back as there is no knee bending going on for him!


    Lovella would you pray for *Little Beauty. Our court date is Friday in Ethiopia. We are praying to get approved by the judge, with all the paperwork thoroughly and correctly done...so he will say...COME and GET HER!!

    My heart is heavy and I could use some prayer too. I keep finding tears running down my cheeks today.
    It is almost tomorrow there already...not much time left to pray.

    mama to 6
    one homemade and 5 adopted


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