Christmas Day 2008 recap

Big Horsey .. . and the wee one. .love at first sight.
The grandgirlie playing wee momma with the little tiny stroller with the itsy bitsy baby manoeuvring through the kitchen and down the hallway. . .oh so precious . . .

Dreams of a White Christmas. . . come true. . .
once every ten years or so. .
This way my year!!

Plowing the driveway open for the loved ones to arrive . . .

The house is quiet again today . ..
my beloved is out scraping the snow off the driveway again . . .
I'm laundering the linens and emptying the dishwasher. . .
and savouring my favorite moments of yesterday.
All for now . .. with love,


  1. Ohh.. there is nothing like Christmas with grandkids! add some fluffy snow and it couldn't be much more perfect !!
    Love your pics ! smile

  2. A white Christmas...with the grandkids...can it get any better than that? Beautiful pic's!

    (I would be even better if there were NO farm chores or driveways to clear on Christmas Day!)

  3. I love the beautiful white Christmas around your house! I know it was wonderful watching the grands enjoying their gifts, too.

    I'm planning to spend my Christmas next year with a little one...perhaps we'll have some snow, too. They did not have snow this year...that happens rarely, but it does happen!

  4. Looks like you had a beautiful day! How wonderful have such lovely snow!

  5. Are ya kiddin' me??? We have had over 50 inches of snow this far! And tomorrow the high is 53F, with flood warnings everywhere! Crazy!
    But our Christmas was blessed, as always..regardless of our outward circumstances.

  6. Oh my, Lovella...savouring those moments, I am doing the precious! Your little grand really adored that horse! Good choice!
    Oh yes we had a white Christmas too..wouldn't know of any other. (grin)

  7. Well I am now experiencing for myself, Lovella's white Christmas! Looks like a great day. Boy there are a lot of people that would love to have that piece of equiptment to shovel a few driveways and roads with !! :0)

  8. What fun with the little ones, isn't it?!

    And a White Christmas for you, too!

    I still have some house guests although most have gone home.

  9. Glad to hear your Christmas was so wonderful! Here's to more white Christmases and global warming! :)

  10. there certainly is an element of extra joy when there are little people to share christmas with.
    looks like you had a wonderful day, with your fabulous baking as well...i am looking forward to you sharing more of those recipes.
    we had a horse like that growing up and so we had to have one for our kids as well....some toys are just timeless.

  11. Oh boy! What a great horse...I know that there'll be lots of rides through the countryside on your grand's trusty steed.

    What a beautiful white Christmas you enjoyed, too. Just wonderful! We did, as well, but we don't think of it in that "special" way that you do. It's so common that we are more inclined to think that if there's no snow, it's unique.

    You must be protecting your grand-girlie as we don't see pics of her, but I can just imagine how adorable she is pushing her little dolly carriage about.

    Yup, all good memories!

  12. Wasn't it wonderful to have the 'white stuff' for Christmas? Not so easy to get the last minute things done, but once we'd settled in it was lovely to feel so cosy and safe by the fire.
    It looks as thought that horse was a big success! We had one when our son was small, and can see that we'll have to find one next year for our grandsons.
    Enjoy this week of snow!

  13. yes, the quiet is what we're loving tonight...all snuggled up with a thunderstorm outside.

    Looks like your day was blessed.

  14. Oh Merry Christmas I just love that I can 'visualize' everything after you so kindly opened your home to us several weeks back. I can see you had a great family time this Christmas. I am so very sorry that your cold has 'morphed' as you put it. Mine too so we shall endure it together...course, it doesn't help that I keep going in those puddles!

  15. Oh that horsey is grand Lovella! So glad you had such a joyous celebration.

    Thank you -(((HUG))) for your donation to our adoption...a real thank you note will be placed in the mail...but honestly, what a sweet blessing your love offering to our adoption was (is!) I can't believe that in 13 days I will get to fly to Africa to go get her...15 days and she will be in my still my heart!

    I love you Lovella, thank you for your friendship and LOVE.

    mama to 6
    one homemade and 5 adopted


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