The beauty of drip Mode

The snow is sliding at a rapid speed off the barn roof . .

I held my breath .. .and it held.

Memories of sucking on icicles as a child . . .

nearly made me break one off for the fun of it .. .

but I didn't.

The drops of melted snow. . .

against the aura of blues in the background . ..

All God created . ..and manwoman captured .
We're still enjoying the beauty of Christmas in the bungalow. . .
we'll stop watering the tree, or it may never come down.
Yesterday I made a pot of Turkey soup .. .have you made yours yet?
All for now .. . with love,


  1. What gorgeous shots! I love the droplet of water against the blues. I had my turkey soup last night - and we're still heating up plates of turkey dinner in the microwave - I'm not tired of it yet. I'm afraid I'm going to have to take the Ganong chocolates to some New Year's Eve party though. They are too tempting to have around!!

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  3. oooops...forgot to spell check....that was me deleting

    I was transported right back to the farm I grew up on.
    We licked ice and never thought a thing about it....germs etc.
    Such beauty you captured there at the bungalow....I'll be right over for a bowl of soup.

    We are thriving on them right now... mushroom and wild rice...corn, potatoe chowder...vegetable beef.....YUM.

    let's chat

  4. Wow! Those are amazing photographs...

    No turkey so no turkey soup...thank you, Lord! :D

    Thankfully, I don't take my tree down until the day after Ephiphany. I so enjoy the tree between Christmas and then as I have so much more time.

  5. You took quite a risk standing beneath the avalanche waiting to happen! I do remember enjoying the icicles! We certainly didn't think of germs and pollution back then. Your photos are great...especially the drip!

  6. We made soup but not turkey :0)
    Love your perilous drippy shots! We're hoping the trash trucks can finally make their rounds today. It's really piling up around here!

  7. Made my second pot of turkey soup yesterday - love that stuff!
    What amazing pictures you captured!!
    Happy new year to you & Terry.

  8. Fifth Day of the Christmas season it is more Christmas days to go. No need to take the tree down just because it was up during the Advent season.

    (One way of looking at it...)

    I wish I had a pot of turkey soup going. What kind of bread do you make to go with it? I'm still looking for a great recipe for a loaf of bread called "Stuffing Bread". The bakery wouldn't give our the recipe, and I just loved the one loaf we had.

  9. Woman captured it beautifully!

    The turkey's all gone...and we've had no soup as yet. I think I'll be using smoked turkey drumsticks and making up a pot of chowder.

  10. Great pictures Lovella! The timing on the water droplet was perfect.

    I remember licking icicles too - thought it was the best?!?! (another childhood experience that's probably a total "no no" today, considering where the water is coming from!)

    Now that The Big Melt is gaining momentum, your pictures will be a great reminder of our fantastic white Christmas!!

    Enjoy the last few days of the holidays.

    Lori T

  11. Good shots of the snow and ice. I did have an 'ice popcicle'. Guess who named it that? The snow really made Christmas seem even more festive for me. Kathy

  12. The white flower is the perfect bloom for this season. Wow! The snow is deep! We had no turkey at our house--one of the children is allergic to poultry--but we are still enjoying salmon and tri tip which the Professor grilled on the bbq!

  13. Ohh .. I love your shots too.. especially the caught-in-motion water droplet!
    We are still hovering around freezing here .. so there is only slow melting. Sucking icicles - I remember .. as good as popsicles!!

    Hmmm.. turkey soup ! something I do every year. But this year my granddaughter requested chicken for Christmas dinner instead of turkey and the only turkey we had was at my extended family Christmas gathering.
    Maybe I'll have to go buy a little turkey just to make the soup.....
    Happy melting !! smile...

  14. Oh my have outdone yourself with those shots...incredible. And the prose to go with it...happy Monday...and for some of us it is back at the office...the wind is kicking up the snowfalkes outside my window which were raindropps just minutes ago...when will it end?

  15. Great shots Lovella. The right angles for that droplet of water...

    No turkey soup left. It all went with the kids.
    Are we ready for the next blast?
    Farming and winter weather keep our men hopping eh? Trying to clear roadways so that the feed trucks can get in the yard.
    I think we've had enough.

  16. Gorgeous photos, Lovella!
    I haven't made turkey soup this year - I gave the makings to my mother, who is here with my dad for the winter in their downtown apartment. Mum has turned that carcass into soup already, packaged from my freezer!

  17. Gorgeous pictures, Lovella. Thank you for seeing the beauty in a soggy slushy world.

  18. Love those pictures Lovella! I also am still enjoying Christmas in our home with our lovely faux tree!

  19. Love the pictures!!

    I made a turkey pot pie with our leftovers :)


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