1st annual snow retreat

It was not difficult to clear the calendar . . .

Christmas comes but once a year .. .
and ice fountains even less often. . .

The welcome at Sweet Dreams was warm and inviting . . .

Time with family will come tomorrow . .
time with friends has its own value . . .
to love and be loved . . .
to be encouraged ..
and to . .

Time to reflect . .
and to imagine that first Christmas morning . .

Surrounded by beauty and warmth . .

One day. .
I will celebrate the birth of Christ. .
in my Heavenly home . .
Every now and then. .
we are given a glimpse of Heaven . .

A room prepared with us in mind . .

A peaceful place with not a worry or care . . .

A night so still . . .so calm . .

We had a wonderful time with our friends
Richard and Dorothy,
Todd, Nancy and their little guy Ethan.

When the invitation said. . .come to a pajama party ..
we took it to heart.

Ethan wore his pajamas. . .

I've purchased a lot of cozy sleepers this year . ..
but none as big as the ones we bought on our date last week.
Can we all agree. . .that my beloved is the best sport around?
Sweet dreams everyone. .
I'll be back tomorrow . .. .
all for now, with love . . .


  1. Gosh you guys know how to have fun! The sleepers are adorable and so are the folks wearing them. Enjoy your Christmas eve...

  2. This post was almost magical! The Christmas lights are warming, the decor is inviting, and the suite is soothing...and relaxing. When you throw in the fun of wearing footed sleepers, it's almost like being a child again! Very magical, indeed!

    I wish for you and yours a very peaceful and blessed Christmas!

  3. What a wonderful snow retreat!!! Thanks for the pictures.

    Have a special Christmas!

  4. What a wonderful touch to soften the heart just before the busy days.
    What a beautiful post and blessings on your family.
    You brought out the magic of Christmas and set the tone in our hearts.

  5. Ohh yes.. agreed.. Terry is a great sport !
    How apsolutely beautiful! What a dream Christmas celebration, in a dream setting...
    and how did you make it snow on your blog ??? how pretty !!

    PS.. Yes.. I miss our family gatherings at Grandma and Gramdpa soo much !!!

  6. How special is that? What a great way to enter the Christmas week...on a snow retreat with friends in a most magical place...in slipper jammies (as my granddaughter calls them).

    I must show Spencer the photo of you guys in your jammies...she wears slipper jammies year round...and is always afraid that they won't find any new ones big enough for her.

    Merry Christmas, Lovella & Terry!

  7. Cozy and cute! Merry Christmas from my jammies to yours! And from me to you!


  8. This post made me smile! Yes, your husband is indeed a good sport and the two of you are a picture of happiness.
    Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  9. Absolutely the best sport! What a fabulous spot!! Merry Christmas...

  10. I love your pajamas with the feet! I was wondering where you got them in adult size? Or did you make them? The Bed and Breakfast looks awesome!

  11. TARGET. . in the states for the sleeper pajamas. . .kids departments

  12. I almost forgot to check your blog today! Yes, you're both good sports! And what a beautiful place to hang out with friends! Merry Christmas!

  13. Oh...WHAT FUN it is :) !

  14. A good sport indeed....and a beautiful post. Merry Christmas Lovella, to you and yours.

  15. Thanks! Merry Christmas for our house to yours! ;-)

  16. Your guy is a great sport!! I'm sure he was very huggable in those jammies :)

    What a lovely spot for a quiet retreat - it looks so inviting!

    Glad you had such fun.

  17. Oh such fun Lovella. The PJ's are sooooooooo cute! It's good to have freiands. Love you guys Kathy


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