Christmas Decorations and learning new things

Do you all use Picasso for your pictures?
If not. . . stop and pause and enjoy the collage and I'll see you tomorrow. . .
for a first ever post.
Ah. . .but for those of you who have newly downloaded the new Picasso 3, it has been fun looking and trying the new options. . . .or has it been fun?
I was delighted to see the new options for collages.
Normally, I make a collage and save it and then when I want to use a collage, I would find it under "My Pictures" underneath all my other pictures. . collage 1...collage 2 and so on. .. .that is just how it has been.
Don't ask me why they went there. . .I probably put them there.
Now, I went to retrieve my collage while I was in blogger. . .as opposed to sending it from Picasso . ..which is just a click and done but I can't figure out how to send it to a post already in process. . .I'm sure there is a way to do this too.
I looked. . .. .and I looked .. . finally found it in a folder called Picasso. Go figure.
Why wouldn't they call it. . .collages?
Ah. . .but it was sweet when I found it. . .and now there are a nice little grouping of them. . .easily retrievable and fun to play with.
So, I thought I would tell you all. . . and save you a bit of time looking.
It is an hour I'll never get back. . . or was that two hours.
It's all good. I'm off to walk. . .and to write a very special post for tomorrow.
Have a wonderful day my friends. . .(I've been sort of thinking of dropping this line ever since
"my friends" became very popular in the American election. . )
I'll come up with a new phrase . . .and begin to use it tomorrow.


  1. ah yes, the collage buttons are fun. So much fun in fact, you'll be seeing a great example of one on our family christmas photo! Why spend hours in photoshop cropping when a program will do it for you with a quick click of a button!!!

  2. I'm sure I'm the only one who has never used Picasso. I'm always thinking that I will try it 'tomorrow' when I have extra time to play...but tomorrow never seems to come.

    But I love all your collages, 'my friend'...maybe tomorrow I will have to try Picasso.

  3. Your collage is fun! I love Picasa 3! It is great playing with their new features. enjoy your walk and looking forward to seeing your post tomorrow.

  4. Thanks you, Lovella for helping me out with this too. I was bit perturbed at first about the whole set-up changing on Picasa. Had to figure out a few new things, but it will be okay. Changes . . . keep them coming . . . is what I'm learning about.

  5. I love your beautiful Christmas collage, and I am eagerly awaiting your 'special' post tomorrow. But oh how I will miss being called your friend! I know, I know ... I'm too sappy!

  6. By the way, I'm specially delighted by the pic in the bottom center of your collage!

  7. Love to see the collages, but had such trouble trying one of my own that I decided that it was four hours that I'd never get back and not worth giving another minute to.

    Some winter afternoon well into the New Year, I may have another go.

    Hope that you've enjoyed your walk!

  8. Love the collage Lovella..I have yet to figure it out as well as much other stuff. You know the old saying about 'how you can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink'..I feel like that horse some days!

  9. Go Figure!!! Isn't that what it's all about. You need some down time just to figure out the computer systems whether it's Google Groups or Picasso or Shutterfly...
    It all takes time and by the time you're ready to use it again, you've forgotten how you got there.
    Thanks for your tutorial today.

  10. I wonder if you took as long as I did in getting just the "perfect arrangement" - One click and it's all different - but then you think - Oh I'd rather this one be in the middle - another click - and then, oh dear we can't have two that are the same colours next to one another - another click - and so on and so on.

    Shoot I say my friends too. We could say "gentle readers" :) I saw that on one blog. I'm interested to see what title you come up with :)

  11. Thanks for the info on the new Picasa...I haven't yet downloaded it...I guess I need to get right on that. Tomorrow. (heehee)

    I love your creative re-purposing of the tree skirt! I'm looking forward to tomorrow's post!

  12. Beautiful pictures - especially the tree skirt cape. :)
    I use Picaso but haven't downloaded the newest one so I cannot help you. :(


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