blizzard date

Yesterday on our date we ventured out into the blizzard.

The odd thing was. . .

the whole day I was thinking about our kids out and about. . .

wishing they would take a snow day and just stay off the roads.

I merrily snapped pictures from my side of the truck .. .

I selected a few that were worth posting.

Whiteouts are not post worthy.

Because of the strong winds . . .

I hoped we would return to see the yard cleared. . .

snow blower the natural way.

It was blown alright .. .

the drifts were in our yard.

So. . .while my beloved swept the sidewalk for me. . .

I snapped a few more pictures of the calm side of the house. . .from my side of the truck.

I came in to make a late cozy by the fireplace dinner. . .
and he went out to spend some alone time on the tractor.
Once I knew the kids were safely home. . .
and I called our mom to say we were all safely home . ..
I was one happy girl.
All for now . . . with love,


  1. So pretty, but so treacherous!

    I thought about you yesterday when my brother in Bellingham sent me a link to a webcam so that I could see the snowy conditions there. He wasn't looking forward to venturing out to work this morning.

  2. I wondered who was worrying about you being out and about! We've had ice here and driving has not been great, but still possible. I'm venturing out today, I think, to take the kids to the Children's Museum.

  3. That snow looks nice and dry. My daughter was hoping for enough to keep her home from work today. I'll have to call and see if that came to pass...
    Have a cozy day Lovella...

  4. What a day that was! But it looks somewhat clearer out there this get your camera ready...and stay cozy.

  5. How true! Wanting to make sure that every one was at home safe and sound. I did similar things. Phoned and told them to take a snow day or come out and hang out with us.

  6. You're right...there's nothing particularly pretty about white-outs. I keep trying, but nah, nothing works. Still, you did very well!

    A Fireside Cozy, eh? Well I like the sound of that. Guess I'll have to settle for an electric heater cozy. Ha!

  7. Our children being safe is always the first concern in a parent's heart, isn't it?
    We got a call from our son-in-love who was stuck on the hill. Vic happily went to help and bring him some chains. I was happy when everyone was safe and warm inside!!
    It snowed some more at night.. I'm wondering about the schools although last I heard they are open !
    How beautifully Christmasy it is outside, though!!!

  8. I had to chuckle at your worry for your children - do you think they were worried about you two? I'll bet they were!
    It's gorgeous over here this morning, if still a bit blowy. I'm up and waiting for the neighbour who will plough us out to the road and then we'll see what we have to deal with!

  9. You had snow INSIDE the garage?

    I love all the lights out in your garden Lovella. Definitely stare at with a cup of something hot worthy.

    Glad you ALL are safe and snug.

  10. Well my walking partner and I have ventured out each morning at 6:30. Monday was the coldest and we cut it short. The other days have been pretty good. We both have the right kind of cloths and away we go. I know what you mean about us Mom's wanting to make sure every family mamber is home safe on days like yesterday. I was abit concerned abought our SIL who braved the weather with one of his work buddies to say fairwell to Trevor Lyndon. Inside I hoped they would reconsider the drive in, but they went and enjoyed the game and the guy time. It was a long ride in and out and the sky train was made use of. It's fun to have snow for Christmas. Sounds like you and Terry enjoyed the day. Kathy

  11. Isn't it funny - we can drive out in a storm and not worry - but we worry about the "kids". Go figure! Glad everyone made it home safe and sound! A fireplace supper sounds so cozy!

  12. Did you stay in today? You have a lot of snow up there!

  13. have really had it bad out your way haven't you?! I've been thinking of you all out there in your windswept world and wondering if the Prairie Gals are smiling slightly from their cozy homes.....imagining us struggling with the cold and foreign snow.


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