first year evaluation

When you make a list of qualifications for a farm hand. . . .it is best that you take your time and wait for the right somebody to come along. A year has passed since the lil' farm hand began training when his schedule would permit.

As is with most reputable businesses, we also have decided to do an evaluation to determine his strengths and weaknesses and to have a meeting with him to discuss his progress. Our list initially was a bit short. . . as was he. . .upon his arrival . . . but our list has grown and we continue to think of new tricks for our entertainment.

We suggested to him that he might make better progress if he was awake once in a while during his training. . .so he began to pretend careful attention. We then suggested that we would like to see him smile now and then. . . .just to sort of let us know that he was enjoying his job. . . so he would smile. We soon realized that he should strengthen his leg muscles .. .the farm has a lot of steps. . . so he jumped with zeal in the jolly jumper. We mentioned to him that sitting up straight without relying on back support would give him a better vantage point when observing the egg gathering. . . .so he did. When our remote was across the room and our aging legs were weary. . .we coaxed him to retrieve it on all fours. . .he did this with great enthusiasm. When we realized that he would be better equipped to carry with his hands free .. . we stood him up. . .and he began to walk. Quite recently. . .he took it upon himself to acquaint himself with emergency procedures here on the farm. . . .Upon successfully dialing 911 and having an official visit. . .we praised his ambition and motivation and together we decided that this should only be done in true emergencies.

You can see that he has make great strides in his first year as the farm hand. He might get a wee bit dirty. . . but it's a farm and we are always delighted to see how nicely he cleans up.

When we spend time together, we are reminded how blessed we are to have this time in our lives. We are so thankful and we do not take for granted the blessing of grand parenting.
When I see the lad squat to play. . .as his Daddy did. . .and as his Grandpa still does when a task low to the ground needs attention. ..I just smile. I can not begin to comprehend the thoughts of God. . .but I do wonder. . .when he planned that a mommy and a daddy should have children. . .did he smile knowing that parents would feel so tender to their offspring when it would feel as if looking into mirrors of themselves? Did he imagine that grandparents would see anew the wonder of the love they shared and the result. . . continuing in such a beautiful way?

We celebrated another birthday yesterday. Polynsky shares a birthday with our lil' farm hand. He lives in Haiti and though we have never met him. . . his shared birthday will be a face that will become very familiar as we remind our little guy that Polynsky has the same birthday and God loves him too. When we decided to support several children though Compassion. . .God provided the idea to search for children with matching birthdays. . . We have far more than we need. . .and he needs far more than he has. . . When we walk past our bulletin board and see his little face. . .we will ask God to care him.

Now that the first year is over in our own preparation for cousin camp with the grands. . .our bungalow will be filled with giggles and an indistinguishable language known only to the two of them. Spending this time. . .several days a week will be one of the things that matter most to me.

All for now . . . with love,


  1. How beautiful, Lovella! What a blessing you are to your little ones... and such a marvelous inspiration to us all.

    Enjoy 'cousin camp' - it sounds like fun!

  2. He's so big! What fun to watch both of them grown!

  3. Lovella, you have been given such a special gift of wisdom and love ... and the ability to pull a community together. I so enjoy watching you work within your gifting. You truly DO honor your Heavenly Father with your efforts. May your little ones learn from you as you teach them how to invest in others. Even if I have never met you, I love you 'my friend'.

  4. Some days, you just take my breath away. Today was such a day. What an adorable grand and I loved seeing him play with his nativity set. I can hardly wait to see mine playing with theirs.

  5. How beautiful, Lovella! How quickly that first year flew by...but what wonderful memories you have to treasure. You have underscored once what a joy it is to grandparent!

    I too look forward to having my grands playing with their own nativity set...I now have 3 sets on order.

  6. You seem to take the same joy from grandparenting that I do - who knew that it would be so wonderful? Your little farmhand is such a sturdy little fellow! He seems to enjoy his blue 'chariot' as much as our wee Declan enjoys his.

  7. Hooray, hooray! I can hardly wait to have grands. I'm trying hard not to put on the pressure...:)

    What a lovely idea to have your foster children with the same birthdays - we're planning to adopt more and I think I will adopt your idea as well - thanks Lovella.

    with love

    (yes I like that tag)

  8. Beautiful thoughts, Lovella! And I wholeheartedly agree with the blessings of grandmotherhood! The New Boy says Happy Birthday to the Lil Farm Hand and Edward the Bunny is waggling his ears at HIS cousin.

  9. Happy Birthday L'il Farm Hand! Lovella, I love your post and your creativity ... so fun!

  10. How quickly the year has gone.
    How beautifully you described the development of his life and the impact in your lives.
    May you enjoy the years to come as you continue to leave a legacy.

  11. we have a child from compassion too. A four year old girl from thailand. It's so neat beable to bless a child's life and help their family too.

  12. I so enjoyed reading this fun and creative update! Happy Birthday to both!

  13. What a very wonderful post Lovella. What a blessing! I so love the photo of those little feet!

  14. awwww.... Lovella... what a sweet account for him to read one day, and see how much he is loved !!!
    But isn't it fun to love them??

    A very poignant post!


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