Christmas tree 2008

It's nice to have a few years of blogging under my belt. . .
its wonderful for me to look back at my journal and see what we've done.
When I post. . .I think of you. .
what you would enjoy to see and read. . .

but when I read back and look back. . .I think of my family and friends. . .

and recall all that we've done through out the months and years. . .

I imagine that years down the road. . .
this blog ( if it still exists) will be . . .
one of things I will be glad I did. . .
just for the fun of it.
Have a wonderful day my friends. . .
it's another grammie day for me. . .my crock pot is going and my day is full of playing.


  1. Your tree looks gorgeous! It'll be interesting to see how the grand-ones enjoy all the decorations!

    Have a great day, Lovella!

  2. It's a beautiful thing! Just a perfect shape and oh so prickly, right?

    What are you serving your grand/s from that magic crockpot of yours?

    Sometimes I read back in my blog and I'm not yet at the place where you find yourself...happy to have done it. Often I think that I shouldn't have been that "out there" or that "open."

  3. I know what you mean by being glad you've blogged - at the very least it'll be window on your life and thoughts for your grandchildren.
    Your tree is lovely and it makes me anxious to get going on ours. We'll wait until our daughter comes home from the mainland, thought, so that she can have the fun of decorating with us.

  4. How true...It's fun to look back. Sometimes I have had to give my hard copies to Levi for school projects.
    I believe these will serve very beneficial. I'm still thinking of preserving our daily posts.
    You tree looks beautiful

    Today is Oma's day also...I can't wait to cut down that big tree with all those young men.

  5. Lovely tree! Perhaps we will get ours on Monday....

  6. A lovely tree, indeed...and hopefully just prickly enough to keep the little elves away.

    It is fun to look back on long-ago posts...a great record of daily life.

    Have a fun grammy day! I will as well...I just wish there was something in my crockpot.

  7. Oh I do love the tree you picked, Lovella. It looks just wonderful in that spot! Enjoy your day...

  8. Your tree is beautiful. I love the look of the Colorado spruce and the Noble Fir, they are similar. That's what we've usually cut, but this year we broke down and bought a tree that doesn't smell. Kind of sad, but it doesnt' mean we'll never buy a real one again. I just need to find some pine scented candles. There should be some availabale somewhere, right?

  9. I love the picture of your husband bringing in your tree!! Such determination!! And it made me feel all warm and fuzzy to see all your christmas boxes! Oh all my "storage boxes" the most are christmas ones!! I think they are the most treasured ones too! Your tree is beautfiul! I wish that they weren't so expensive up here to buy a real one, we are stuck with a fake one but its still perfect!!

  10. Your blog had better still exist, little missy. That's an order!

  11. Very beautiful! I love your tree! Inviting, cozy, pretty, and decorated with love.

    We are taking a trip to the cabin on Monday to cut down a tree. It will be a difficult task, as I never want to cut down a 'good' tree that should grow for years and years --- so I'll pick a poor waif of a tree that's too crowded in with others --- but will love it just the same. :)

    I'm starting to get in the mood for Christmas. . .


  12. Beautiful! I do love Christmas! It is the concentration of everything I love - deep spiritual meaning, beauty, family, friends, love, giving, sharing, and food !
    And when I close my eyes I love the smell of a real tree !!

    And I love blogs or anything else that preserve memories that should never be forgot!!

  13. Great job..! Your Christmas tree looks gorgeous.


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