4th file. . 4th pic

Do not adjust your sets. . .
I've posted an extra for the weekend since this photo is so unclear. . and yet to play the meme fairly .. .I'll post it.
1.Open the 4th picture folder on your computer
2. Open the 4th picture and post it on your blog.
3. Explain the picture.
4. Tag 4 people to do the same!
The photo is taken in February 27, 2004.
Our oldest son had just purchased a fixer upper home. . .
He had a girl he was sweet on. . .and needed to set down roots.
The menfolk in the family . . . .set upon destruction before the construction commenced.
Walls were removed. . .carpets that oozed febreeze. . (still can't stand the smell of it since then). .
and as they destructed, the dust flew. . .
I considered telling you the snow was blowing in through the open door.
Almost believable.
This was a fun exercises. . .are you not just the teeniest bit curious to see what your 4th picture file and your fourth picture in it would be?
Consider yourself tagged.
Even if you don't blog. . .run and have a look and tell me what you see.
Grammie's house. . .has seen it's first Christmas holidays sleepovers. . .woo hoo.
Off I go. .
See you Monday. . . .all for now, with love.


  1. Oh, how neat...a sleepover with the little ones!

    I peeked at the fourth folder, fourth photo on my computer...it's an old one. I'll put it up sometime this weekend.

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Oh boy, Lovella, you even make photo tag sound fun! Your photo reminded me of when we've been there to help our kids with renovating and old place to rent out or live in. So much work, but so much excitement!

  3. I enjoyed playing Julie's game too. Although, I must confess I was a bit nervous about what that pic might be, knowing there are several never-to-be-seen, bad-hair-day shots of me in those folders. Boy, was I relived when I opened that photo of our super-sized lunchbox!

  4. It is a fun meme, isn't it?

    The New Boy is on my lap-I am baby sitting tonight. He wants to send a message to your little buddies:

    erx fcc3crxz

  5. I had to laugh, Lovella! What are the chances of you coming up with a pic of a 'dust' storm... right after your two previous posts were of 'snow' storms ?
    If you had told us it was snow.. we would have believed you !!! smile..
    A fun tag game !!!

  6. Oh Lovella! I am glad you got tagged too! I like your picture and the explanation. So much fun! You must be proud of the menfolk in your life, they truly are an impressive stock.
    Have a wonderful Sunday! Much love, Laura

  7. Love the snow flakes you have coming down today on your blog (Sunday) I've got real ones at my place, just a few hours south of you. Debbie

  8. Good techno add with the snow flakes on the blog page!

  9. Lovella...I got tagged with this one too...should be interesting to see what in those folders.
    Glad you're enjoying the 'white stuff' :)


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