play dough lessons

Yesterday . . ..

while the lil' farm hand was napping. . .

I whipped up a batch of blue play dough.

I brought the grands picnic table inside. . .

set out some work utensils. . .

and. . .

we waited.

The nap seemed longer than usual. . .

he didn't need to call us but once.

Since it was his mommy's idea. . .

she got to be the play dough instructor.

I got to see the wheels turn in his head. . .

the ideas forming and taking shape. .

and the picture taker. . .

for his future reference of "firsts".

Later . . .when Grandpa came in. . .

the play dough took on more life animal shapes.

I make cats. . .he makes elephants. .

and the lil' farm hand calls out what he sees.

Kanneloni Macaroni. . .

turned eight weeks yesterday.

She's a happy baby.

Her speciality. . .

coos. . .and smiles.

All for now. .


  1. How much fun is that! I thought for sure that you'd have the play dough recipe posted here! ;)

    The grands are certainly growing, aren't they?

  2. So much fun! We always had homemade playdough and now I make it for the kids. Love seeing pictures of your family.

  3. That is so sweet, love the pics!
    I remember making bright colored play dough for my g'kids. They would taste it, well why not, it does look good enough to eat..then didn't need to be told that it was not really edible stuff:)

  4. What fun! That brings back so many trying to keep the colours separate and picking playdough off the bottom of sox. I still have my bucket of playdough toys...and I still have the recipe...but maybe I'll just come here and watch your grands play.

  5. Maybe I'll whip up a batch...then take it down to poolside for B. and I to play with. Why should the little kids have all the fun?

  6. I always think of the playdough going where it's not supposed to go ... but it's so much fun for them and there's nothing like the homemade stuff! and if they taste it, they won't taste too much!

  7. So much sweetness and fun is found here...enjoy!

  8. There is nothing more fun than watching those tiny little fingers work that dough. Get fun pictures.

  9. I was just thinking about homemade playdough the other day. When our son was small, on long winter days when the snow was too high to let him out, I'd tape waxed paper to the hall floor, whip up a couple of batches of playdough and then get down on the floor with him to roll it out and have a ball. Just think, I'll be doing it with his little boys at Christmas time!
    Little KM is a sweetie!

  10. Play dough is such a fun thing to keep the kids happy and gets the creative side going. Little KM is going to playing along before you know it. Kathy

  11. Adorable grandies! I love this post! Playdough is so much fun. . .


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