Halle Raine

On Sunday August 30th. . .we realized that our friends Todd and Nancy's baby was nearly due.
It was a sunny afternoon. . .and so we called them and Uncle Richie and Auntie Dodo. . over
and had a "before the baby comes" party.
I told her. . ."I whipped up some of Dorothy's salsa. . .it should do the trick".
It did. . .the next day. . Halle was on her way.
Last night. . .we had a welcome Halle party.
We chuckeled as we passed her around. . .
both couples . .. having our picture taken with the new little darling.

Dorothy and I shared her all evening long.

Ethan sported new jammies in her honour.

Children are such a blessing.
Ethan and Halle may not be our "grands". . .
but we love them. . .and pray that they will watch their mommy and daddy very closely.
If they do. . .they'll see God's love shining through their eyes.
May God bless you Halle Raine.


  1. What a precious name for such a pretty little baby... I think big brother must like her too!!! Babies are such a blessing!

  2. Oh she is sweet - amazing what can all happen in a day!

  3. How fun! We did the same thing with my sister's baby shower -- no idea the baby would come so quickly!

  4. Hmmm I might pass on that salsa trick to my niece :0)
    Cute photos!

  5. Sweet name for a special little girl. And how lucky for her to have a few extra sets of uncles and aunties!

    Who knew...about the salsa trick?

  6. Beautiful name! That made me laugh and remember the pizza that contributed to my nephew's early delivery many years ago.
    A child can never have too many special aunties and uncles/extra grands!

  7. Congratulations! She is a blesed little girl!
    (... and hey... I have that purple shirt too!)

  8. Awww ... such a beautiful girl (if I do say so myself!). Thanks for such a beautiful post. Ethan didn't want to take his new jammies off this morning - they're pretty cool. We love that Ethan and Halle have extra special aunties and uncles like you and Terry in their lives; they are blessed because of it.

  9. Congratulations once again.
    Yes, children are a special gift from God and how much better when we can share them and hopefully stand in the gaps.

  10. What a blessing for them to have you guys as friends, to support and pray for them and their kids. Richard and Dorothy look like they are really enjoying those kids with their beaming smiles. Such a pretty little baby. Congrats to Todd & Nancy. Kathy

  11. Richard and Dorothy really do look like they are enjoying her! I am wondering if I should pass the 'salsa' trick on to my sweet daughter who is great with child(from a grandma that can hardly wait to meet this newest blessing!)

  12. Such a nice story. Nothing like a new bambino to celebrate.

  13. What a lovely family event!
    Do you make "Funny Cake Pie"?
    Most of my family are Mennonites in the USA. I emigrated to Canada in 1983, and live in Northern Ontario now.
    Some of my favourite 'taste memories' are of my family's Mennonite dishes.
    This "Pie" is easy and yummy.
    Cynthia K-R

  14. What a privileged little girl this girl is, to have so many people to love her. The name seems to be perfect for her.

    I love seeing the smiles on all of your faces, and the little guy with the new pjs...he must have been proud of them.


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