tell me again. . .

Yesterday the weather turned chilly.

During breakfast we watched . . .

the fog roll in.

I'm certain that God provides us with fog and chilly days to give us a reason to hunker down and take time to get our indoor chores done. . .

and perhaps do a bit of reading.

On Sunday. .

we took down our hanging baskets. .

they didn't look bad. . .

but I was done with them.

As I followed the baskets procession to the way back. ..

I called a halt. . .

seeing a picture worth taking.. . .

and then called a . . .


The wheelbarrow did it's duty. . .

dumped the baskets. .

and we declared summer. .

for sure. . .


Yesterday. . .

without having the hanging baskets to water. . .

and the fog providing appropriate mood lighting. . . .

I printed off my Dad's life story.

Years ago my brother Gerry and sister inlaw Heidi did the laborious task of putting Dad's hand written words onto the computer.

We all got a copy for our computer. . .

and they lovingly gifted him with his own bound copy before he passed away.

Yesterday. .

I wanted to hold the pages.

I wanted to read again how he was such a thankful man.

I wanted to read again. . . .how he saw his difficult circumstances. . .a gift from a loving God.

I haven't finished the 101 pages yet.

I re-read the good parts.

Every story has parts you want to read . . . .

again. . .and again.

All for now. ..


  1. Yes, some books you just must hold. I hope you will share with us from your father's story, Lovella. What a wonderful thing to have. C

  2. What a beautiful gift to have the story of your dad's life. A family heirloom of the best kind.

  3. That is so wonderful that you have all this information printed and ready to be made into a book!
    We put away summer here in Washington, too.

  4. This post hit a nerve with me. I had a thankful dad too. A dad I loved and respected so very much. How fortunate you are to have those written papers about him. What a treasure.

    The fog and the cool weather does produce the desire for the indoor activities that waited throughout the summer...until now. Your way of expressing your thoughts is so beautiful.

  5. Sitting here reflecting - what a priceless treasure you have!

  6. There are many people with life stories printed out and bound. So many of them...will the paper copy match up with how their story will tell at the final judgement? How good it is to know a little about your dad, and to know whatever was to be said about him in heaven will match up with what was said about him on earth

  7. Last night summer put itself away around here. We had frost. It was -1C this morning.
    It's good to be reminded to be thankful in spite of difficult circumstances.

  8. Those are legacies worth holding onto and sharing with your family. I bet if your Dad was here today he would of been part of the blogging world.
    That's how you will be leaving your legacy.

  9. What a beautiful way to remember your Dad...a man with a thankful heart. He was a nice man! Your blogging journals would bless and bring a healthy pride to his heart.
    The fog this morning really did welcome in the fall season. It found me wishing for a good read. I just may have to dig out my grandparents stories and the tape of my grandpa telling his story. Every so often I pull out the old cassette and listen to the voice of my grandpa telling his painful story that points back to God's faithfulness in troubled times.
    I really like what you are doing over at MGCC with the new history seccion. You are so gifted in this area. Kathy

  10. That is one of the best things about blogging. Being able to set up a book with your thoughts. I have kept a journal for years and now have all the posts to compile. I wish I had something on paper from my ancestors.

  11. What a precious gift you have there ... Beautifully done! Seems like we've both been thinking about our dads these last days. I've cried some good tears ... as I've done some reminiscing.

  12. Ohh! how very precious those pages are, especialy the parts you know by heart!
    You'll share them one day with your grands.


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