rent on the freezer

I don't normally snack when I write. . .
but today I am making an exception to the rule.
Periodically. . .
my mom by love drops off bags and bags or containers of homemade cookies.
These cookies are not for my beloved and I.
These cookies are special order cookies for her grands. . . .our kids.
There are generally two varieties.
She makes soft white buttermilk cookies with a thin glaze of icing. . .
(watch for the recipe late September over at MGCC)
and . . .
she makes really fantastic Vange's Chocolate Chip Cookies.
(recipe on my sidebar)
Occasionally. . .during the orderly chaotic goodbye. . .
the most loved cookies. . .are forgotten and remain in my freezer.
Yesterday after our lunch. . .
I said to my beloved. . .
"do you want a soft white cookie with icing on it?". . .
He said. . . "are they ours?"
I said. . ."oh. . .you don't know about the new rule?" . . ..(with a twinkle in my eye)
He said. . ."keep talking"
I said. . .(on my way to the freezer). . ."a cookie a day for each of us. . .for freezer rent."
It's cousin camp today. . . .
What are the odds of those cookies remaining in my freezer one more day. . .
I best take two today.
On this most fantastic 1st day of September. . . we're going swimming.
All for now. . .


  1. My husband's grandma made those buttermilk cookies and he still raves about them. How sweet of your MIL to bake them for those she loves...even if it is for "freezer rent" participants. Great post! Looking forward to that recipe being shared. One guy I know will be so happy!

  2. Cousin camp and swimming and cookies...sounds like a lot of fun. (Freezer rent...what a great idea!)

  3. I really like that freezer rent rule! How sweet that she bakes for them and delivers, too :0)
    Happy September to you and yours!

  4. I'm smiling about the 'freezer rent' concept...a good one, me thinks. And I'm remembering all the buckets of cookies that used to come to my freezer...from my dear MIL...made especially for her grands. Have fun September.

  5. How sweet..I shall remember that..'freezer rent', too cute.

  6. Funny, I was just this minute thinking what fun it would be to bake some Snickerdoodles for the g-babies when they visit this week...then I read your post. Your posts are often close to my heart...thanks for talking about the simple things in life that make it special.

    Me thinks I need to find a renter for my freezer!

  7. Lovella, I do have to smile at what you come up with! My mom also bakes ice cream pails full of cookies for the grands - remembering each one's favorites!
    They just never see my freezer. Rent is a good idea! Maybe they will begin to ask if there are cookies in the midst of those chaotic goodbyes. =)

  8. Swimming in Sept. - I like that idea.

    I'm looking forward to the buttermilk cookie recipe. We're all cookie lovers here. My MIL bakes them and sends them down in ice-cream containers. M&M oatmeal are the favourites.

  9. Have fun at the pool. The cookies look really yummy...I'd up the rent. Kathy

  10. Great post Lovella. I have been thinking about the very same thing...
    I want to know my little grands favorites and then send them to him for his school lunch.
    Now I don't know if I can keep up to the commitment. It's a fear that I don't want to let them down.
    Maybe on the other hand, it wouldn't let them down...Who knows?

  11. I'll be watching for that recipe later this month -- they look SO good!

    Your grandson looks so big in the pictures below!!! Growing up fast....

    So apparently my kids thought I was "too old to have a baby" although they couched that with "we don't mean to be mean".

  12. Ohh Lovella , I love how your mind works !! Freezer rent !! How perfect is that ! smile..

  13. Freezer rent sounds perfectly sensible to me. Of course, it will just mean that your boys will never forget to take along their cookies!

  14. Those cookies look great and I will be looking for the recipe later. Sounds like an excellent, albeit devious, plan you've got there. Freezer rent...ha!


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