the newbies

Yesterday. . .

while my beloved was working hard in the barn. . .

power washing and getting ready for baby chicks ..

I gardened.

I patted myself on the back for paying attention to my sister in law's garden. .

and noting her beautiful Sedum.

I planted some this spring and am now enjoying the color change for fall.

I also . ..took another look at the tag from the Hydrangea that I planted in spring.

The flowers are turning light green in honour of end of summer. .

and in honour of it's success out doors. .

I've cut bouquets of stems that will dry perfectly inside.

The leaves are beginning to fall from the Tulip tree. . .

I took huge wheelbarrows full of finished perennials to the way back compost pile.

I have many more wheelbarrows to cart to the back. . .

but garden jungle is back in control.

At the end of the day. .

his pullet barn was scrubbed clean. .

the wheelbarrow was parked. . .

and we relaxed over ..


Today is date day. .

we'll start with breakfast in town.

All for now. .


  1. A neat garden and a sparkling barn...nice rewards at the end of a hard day's labor. Enjoy your date day!

  2. That is the time. You all had a rewarding day. Enjoy your special day today.Blessings

  3. I love it when I spend the day in the yard, no matter what I'm doing.... Before we know it, cold weather will be upon us and the leaves will be falling. I have 15 trees in the yard which every year, leaf raking becomes quite the job! I have gotten to the point that my husband comes along with his loader tractor to scoop them up.... have a wonderful blessed date day....

  4. Lovely photos Lovella. Enjoy your date!

  5. I'm enjoying the preparations for all things 'fall' too Lovella. It's not that I want to say goodbye to summer - more that I am ready for all the particular pleasures of the coming season.
    Enjoy your date day!

  6. I'm planting bulbs to day. Tis the season!

  7. Thanks for sharing about your gardening experiences...I thought it was only the little grands....that helped you.
    I think that's my plan for this week...but I'm not feeling to itchy yet... I love this time of year.
    Now I know what an Arabian Tent is...I would just love to sit under there...

  8. Sedium rocks. So glad the former owners planted a wide selection of sedium all over the yard! Now if only they had got on the bulb planting. We will make amends for that next week.

    How be it that you are on a date on a Grammie day? Is it a double date with the lil farm hand and the grandgirlie?

  9. What a pretty hydrangea. They dry so nicely and you will enjoy them all year long. After a good days work, hope you enjoy your date day today. Kathy

  10. First of all, your header pictures are beautiful! What a lovely way to be greeted to your blog. Secondly, you have a calming way of telling about your gardening day. So much so, that I almost did not realize that you were working hard. The hydrangaes look so pretty when they are dried. I hope you show them when that process is completed.

    Date special! Hope you enjoy just being together.

  11. Lovella, the mennonite community is just so very very after link after link led me to you. Juergen and I were at your table for marriage prep this spring. The big day has come and gone and we are settling into life and its very very good. I have started my own blog so you might like to see a few photos. So glad to have found you:-)

    Susanne Doerksen

  12. Limelight and sedum...a few of my favorites as well. Hope you guys had a great day!


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