fall layers

So anyways. . .

I wore my runners in summer some. . .

but either they didn't help a hill of beans. . .

or they helped tons. . .

and things could have been worse.

It seemed like such a good idea the last few weeks of summer. .

to work on perfecting plum platz. .

apricot tart. .

peach pies. . . .

but the weather turned a bit chilly this last weekend. . .

and my levi's don't zip up.

I was mildly alarmed . .

so I stepped on the scale. .

and sure enough. . .

there is a bit of a discrepancy of what I say I weigh. . .and what the scale says I weigh.

I'm not going on a diet. .

I just don't believe in them.

I'll do what I usually do. . .

walk a little more. .

and eat a little less. .

and keep those levi's handy for a reference point.

My platz should be ready to take out of the oven. .

yes. . .I am serious.

Sad. . .but true.

It's a grammie day. . .maybe I need more of them. . .they keep me moving.

All for now. .


  1. I did some exercising this summer too - and I was wondering the very same thing as you - either it didn't help at all - or it helped tons and things could be much worse.

    I think summer is a hard time to keep the weight down - too many celebrations all of which include food - not to mention ice-cream cones :)

  2. Too funny but I know what you're saying..someone has to taste those treats that come out of the oven..otherwise how would we ever know that it's perfected, right?
    On the other hand..I better make sure no dust settles on my runners:)

  3. Scale? What scale? I refuse to step on one till I know something has come off...
    Have fun with the little ones!

  4. Oh, I know exactly what you mean. Even though I've been active this summer, my clothes are just a wee bit snugger...I've decided that perhaps my "increased activity" wasn't as much physical as it was mental. I'm hoping to get in a lot more walking with the upcoming cooler days.

  5. Amen...on the exercising more, eating less routine. And yes, the jeans nearby always work for me, better than the scales.

    Cool weather makes exercise more appealing to me. Right now I have plenty of "testers", counting the two more coming anyday.

  6. I'm with Ellen...what scale?

    'Grammie days' are a good part of the plan for getting back into the Levi's...and a few carrot stix to go with the platz. It's all good!

  7. I think that there are enough of us for a club - you've got your levi's and I've got my little black dress....it never lies!! Carrot sticks and good old Stewart Mountain Rd will do the trick!

  8. Well what's summer for, after all, if not to enjoy those treats. I am sorry that you even mentioned platz as now I am thinking platz, platz, platz. Oh dear.

    Enjoy the wee ones...

  9. Didn't anyone tell you??? Jeans shrink over the summer months due to the heat. Scales lie. Enjoy your platz! :)

  10. Ah, isn't it good to have some rainy days to think about some new goals. Summer keeps us all running and eating.
    I'm looking forward to warming up with layers again.
    You'll need to get the Nu Look trend.
    It's worth checking out. It covers up everything.

  11. Sounds like you, me and your readers all enjoyed our summers. Fall is here and I've already worn afew sweaters and long pants. It feels fummy to have so much on again. I just think you just may fell restricted in your Levis after wearing shorts and summer skirts all season. Ah.... just enjoy life, it's all good. I'm wondering what the Nu Look Marg talked about. New (Nu) always sounds fun. Kathy

  12. Being a Grammie does help keep it off! I like your way of "not dieting" ... walk more, eat less and suddenly you're there. Besides, jeans always feel tight after a summer of not wearing them!

  13. I keep forgetting to tell you - I love the new header! Your home looks so inviting!

  14. i feel your pain. i'm thinking i need to stop using the line "i'm eating for two" now that i've actually had the baby, even though its still somewhat true, being the "Dairy Queen" and all ;)

  15. Keep wearing the runners... to RUN from the table to the counter to cut another piece of platz !! smile..


    Re: Weight gain: did you check to see if there was a yellow glow to your tummy?

    I just finished hitting the end of summer sale, all the 70% off tables...yippee for having some fresh outfits for the last few weeks of summer, and at the ready for next summer. And I got new undies too...bigger ones.

    I swear this is just a temporary solution to personal plushness.

  17. I am quite frightened to step on my scale. I suspect the worst.


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