a bit of a spicey post

Confessions from the spice drawer.

I've been slowly working my way through my kitchen cabinets.

I really don't have enough .. .

cabinets that is.

I take everything out. . .

delete the unnecessary and the near empty and the never used .. .

and still seem to come up short.

It did cross my mind. . .

that I have enough spices to season enough food to feed an army.

I have more spices than most people in the world have pantry items.

Some how . . .I need to learn to need less in my cabinets.

If this is what my spice cabinets confess .. .

what would my pantry say?

It's another grammie day. . .

another morning of enjoying the beautiful fall .. .

and then whilst grand girlie has her siesta .. .

I'm going to clean fridge.

All for now. . .


  1. Sometimes I think we all have too much of everything, and my spice drawer, like yours, is evidence of that. Yesterday I cleaned out the fridge in anticipation of leaving today - what was I thinking when I kept on buying hamburger relish???

  2. I remember having that dilemma last year right after moving into our apartment...no place to keep the spices! I, too, had too many, and in sorting through them, I found duplicates. When my missionary friend stopped by soon after, I handed her a bag full of the extras and unopened and duplicates and asked her to take them all or choose what she wanted...she happily accepted the bag.

    Enjoy your beautiful fall day and have fun being grammie!

  3. yum, yum. Now I want to know the names of all those spices! :)

  4. eeek...I have spices here and spices there. Have a wonderful grammy day and have fun cleaning out that fridge!!

  5. We are supposed to keep track of the spice's freshness too. Put dates on them and make sure we toss when they get past a certain time...which varies with each spice.

    Uh hun. Sure.

    (Please tell me you don't actually do that. I will freak out if you are keeping track!)

  6. Please come clean out my cabinets :)

  7. My cupboards need a little (a lot) of spicing up...and here you are to remind me. Maybe next week...or next month...or before Christmas, for sure.

    Have a fun day!

  8. Yes, we do all have too much of everything I'm afraid. And the culture just keeps telling us to get more and more and more....it's difficult to get off the dizzy consumer highway too.

    When I reorganized my spices recently I found some ancient ones, those little cans we used to buy back in the 70's! I think I'm sort of up to date now, though I don't really pay attention to the dates. The bay leaves might be about 15 years old, but I'm keeping them!

  9. Your spices are sure more organized than mine.I should go thru mine too. Enjoy this sunny warm day!!

  10. Had the same dilema - got Hubby to put in a couple additional shelves in the cupboard. We then sorted through and discarded and gave away where necessary then we put the rest into baskets according to what kind of spice they were - I've done that at two different places we've lived and it works for me!! Have a great time resorting PS Loved the pictures of Cheam - you let me see a world that my fear of heights would never allow Thanks Ruby

  11. I guess you wouldn't be a cook if you didn't have spices! With some of them you just never know when you'll need them again, but we keep hanging on to them. Good idea to have them in a drawer. Now they just need to put the labels on the lid. Have a fun Grammie day!

  12. Don't you just love it when you come upon a new post that you can totally relate to? Well, this is the one. Why? I ask myself so often, do I have so many spices? Then I think to myself, " I will part with some of them, those 100years old and older. Even that presents a problem for me. I cannot figure out my attachment. Since reading some of the comments on this post...I have new resolve. Next is my refrigerator too.

  13. Just thinking how Princess Mercy would love to come shopping in your beautiful spice drawer. I don't need the gym anymore, as all I seem to do is bend over and pick up all the things she has emptied out of the drawers and cupboards in the kitchen (as I homeschool the others or cook).

    mama to 7
    one homemade and 6 adopted

  14. Love your picture of the leaves!! There is a great story to write around that one leaf!


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