need a break?

You know you need a break when. .. .

. . . .you stop every 2 minutes to eat a blueberry or two. . . .

or when. . .

He says. . . "watch where you sit"

and I say. . .

"I could care less".

"That's why they invented laundry spot remover."

All for now. . .


  1. Love that attitude. You are right about the stain removers they do their job alright. Pop over to my blog I have a tribute to Barry.

  2. How funny! I think that eating fresh-picked blueberries makes it all worthwhile!

  3. I saw that last one when you invited us to look at the photos of your hike - I just knew it would be featured in a blog post! That hike looks like the best cap to a wonderful summer.

  4. Ah...the birds left some blueberries for you on the mountain top. Down here in the valley...the cleaned off my bushes before I could help myself.

  5. Blueberries were going for $4.00 for a meager pint here last week. At that price...hey, you should be careful where you sit!

  6. So happy you are bringing out those photos...They will live in your hearts forever....Beautiful shot from the both ends.

  7. Funny..I remember those blueberry picking days..I too didn't care where the stains landed:)

  8. fresh blueberries, beautiful scenery and the company of your beloved.....
    ya who cares about a stain....very cute. did it come out? :^D

  9. Nice photo, butt.... giggle
    Those wild blueberries are worth stopping for whether or not you need a break ! so sweet and juicy! and I don't even like blueberries!

  10. You took a bum shot! Oh Lovella, I am laughing so hard. I love this post.


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