going to town

Just over two years ago. . .

the Merc arrived at the farm. .

and now she's gone to town.

She's been taken down a few notches. . .

she's had many hours of quality time in the evenings. . .

and with most of the body work complete. .

she's gone to spend some quality time with a body and paint specialist.

We've spent two years talking paint colors.

I said. . ."you know how much time it took to pick Stuart's name?"

He said. . ."yes"

I said. . ." how is it that our son .. .who has to carry a name his entire life. . .had his name picked out of the telephone book while I was in labour. . .and yet. . .this old truck. . .has a paint color consideration over a two year period"

He said. . ."that's bad isn't it?"

I said. . ."seriously. . .it is bad"

Soon. . .soon we'll decide. . .we have no choice.

All for now. . .


  1. I'm chuckling at this...you actually selected Stuart's name from a phone book? When the nurse came in after my son was born and asked his name, my husband blurted out the first thing that came to mind...he was close, but the name that stuck wasn't exactly the name we had chosen. Oh, well.

    I'm just thinking: don't choose black for the Merc. It needs something fun and classy. Cherry Red sounds good to me...or Cobalt Blue. ;)

  2. What a good idea -- choosing a name from the telephone book. It certainly has a lot of options. :) I'll have to remember that one.

  3. It's good that Stewart has a story to tell to his kids and grandkids about the picking of his name :0)
    I wonder how long we'll acutally have phone books with everything going electronic...
    Another photo I'm going to have to show Dear so he can drool.
    I'd vote for going with a classic color and not black but it would look great in black, too...

  4. Another photo I'll NOT be showing to The Great Dane, as he still has a TR3 in a thousand pieces in the garage and often talks about how he'd like to have a truck. Nooooooooooo

  5. Oh, and about the hike . . . next time! At least someone will have sympathy for how I feel. He said , "Just walk on your toes." He's like a deer on the mountain... but not exactly endearing or understanding.

  6. I remember the story of how you searched the phone book during those hours to find Stuart's name. He suits his name and I'm sure the color you choose will be just right too. When you had the name picking post I do believe I came the closest...does that mean I have a say in the color? Maybe pushing my luck just a bit. Kathy

  7. Oh too funny...good luck on the colour!

  8. So how does one choose a name from the phone book? That sounds a little scary...but then, it worked out just fine in your case.

    Good luck with the final decision on the truck colour. But then again...it's just paint...you can always change it if it's not quite to your liking. Colours are easier to change than names!

  9. Classic Car !!! Wow - British Racing Green or Emerald Green gets our vote.

  10. I like fiery red....
    I think it makes it look real hot!!
    If you looked in a telephone book for Stewarts name, why not ask Benjamin Moore for any of his choice colors.

  11. Cherry Red I believe it is just right. I had to laugh about picking your son's name from a phone book. But I guess that is as good a place as any to find a name.


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