September 4th and still alive

Every year about this time. .

I take one picture of my hanging baskets. . .

so that next year. . I can compare to see if . . .

my gardening skills have improved. . .or declined.

From time to time. .

people come over and look at mine and say. . ."mine died".

I hear their pain. . .

and commiserate on the probable causes of the hanging baskets demise. . .

and together we conclude it was not their fault.

Every year about this time. . .

I wish mine would die.

We have no fancy schmancy watering system that supplies drinks to the thirsty flowers.

Every morning. . .they get the hose. . .

and if they don't . . .

they let me know by sundown. . .

that if they don't get the hose by dawn the following day. .

they are done.

I'll keep watering them. . .

I'll let the frost be the one to end their days.

I had two weeks free from the hosing chore when we camped. . .

and our farm care man Ken. ..kept them wonderfully hydrated.

I almost admitted that they looked better than when we left.

Then there is this guy. . .

every year. .

I toss in a few annuals. .

give it the hose and a few good doses of miracle grow and watch it take off.

Last year I planted the dark purple saliva's. ..but I didn't like them. . and determined not to ever plant them again. .

they volunteered to come up anyways.

It's funny how our opinions can change. . .and given enough time we can like what we once disliked.

Truth be told. . .

I'd never consider myself a gardener. . .

but I love gardens.

All for now. . .


  1. Can I tell you this...if my hanging pots and flower beds looked like yours...I would call "Better Homes and Gardens" magazine editors and tell them to feature my skills, in their next issue. Amazing!!! Thank you for sharing what you and God created and cared for this summer.

  2. If only I could release them to the compost pile. But no, I leave them hanging there in their abject humiliation. Is there a therapist who could help me with this???

  3. Oh I love your new fall banner!

    My hanging baskets are still kicking but they don't look as lush as yours.

    But I have to admit that my window-boxes are gorgeous - I can hardly believe it myself :)

  4. Things do still look good there. Can you tell me the name of the tiny red flower that you have in the hanging basket? I have some of those, but forget the name. They do really good in the hot sun. I keep mine near the hummer feeder and they love it. You have done a great job.

  5. Your blog's fall decor looks nice! I'll have to admit, I'm not as dedicated as I should be about keeping my outdoor planted pots watered. Usually by mid-summer, they've had it. This year's abundant rains have relieved me from that chore...except for the poor fellow on the front porch under the roof where the rain doesn't reach.

  6. Great new header, Lovella!

    Your planters are still looking mighty fine. I know exactly how you losing interest in watering planters. I'm not nearly as diligent as I was...but mine are waiting for the frost as well to give them their last hurrah.

  7. You new early-jump-on-autumn banner is terrific. I took another look at your living room paint color (colour..) and remembered how much I liked that warm shade.

    If Nationalize health care started including the health of potted gardens, and free watering services I think I might be more interested. I always thought Canada's nationalized health care included it, after seeing all the abundantly healthy hanging pots all over the place.

  8. The hanging planters here are looking decidedly tatty, but like you, I'll let the frost do the dirty work and then I'll cart the to the compost. I'm ready for red leaves and mums!

  9. Well, I loved your colors...Absolultey beautiful.

    This year my garden was the art of someone else while I was in Europe.

    But it's just not me and today I'm going out to give it a new punch for the Fall season just before the first frost appears.

    What a beautiful yard of color...I might need to pop by for some ideas.

  10. love your new header! and am so jealous of your baskets. it seems that anything other than geraniums burn to a crisp down here, or else continually look like they're about to burn to a crisp!

  11. Oh I'm not a gardener but I sure appreciate other peoples efforts. Your flowers look beautiful! Have a fun weekend!

  12. Such pretty colors! They look gorgeous, and very abundant. You are much more of a gardener than I am.

  13. We have always commented to you guys how nice your yard and plants are. You guys just have what it takes and watering faithfully is a key commonent. Mine are really sickly looking due to my own neglect of watering enough. I always run out in spring to see 'who' is returning for a show, and I'm always amazed at what I find peeking out of the ground. Your blooms are still way to nice to stop tending. Enjoy! Kathy

  14. The flowers are looking terrific!! Someday I would like to do hanging baskets -- reminiscent of the UK. I'm almost to the point of wishing some of my pots would die. :) Watering does become a chore.

  15. Your flowers look awesome!! You are a gardener. Mary

  16. Your baskets are beautiful! They obviously show a green thumb holding that hose!
    My baskets this year were a disappointment to me - I did something wrong ... but maybe together we could decide it wasn't my fault!! smile

  17. you are leaps and bounds ahead of me, why just last week, i even pulled up my green bean plants. SAD



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