Now I Lay Me. . .

Do you remember being tucked into bed as a little child?

I thought about it on the way home last night.

A child forever remembers their good night kisses.

If I close my eyes. . .

I can still see my mom sitting on the side of my bed. .

listening to my prayers.

I remember the prayer I likely prayed hundreds of times.

Now I lay me down to sleep. .

I pray thee Lord my soul to keep.

If I should die before I wake.. .

I pray thee Lord my sould to take.

Later. . .

I prayed simple prayers from my heart. . .

thanking the Lord for those in my family. . .

for the missionaries that we knew. . .

and for the people that we hoped would pray the prayer . . .

that the Lord would take their soul. . .if they should die before they woke.

Last night. . .

as I lay down my head. . .

my heart gave thanks. . .

that one little boy. .

is learning to say "danke Jesus. . . "


  1. I love this sweet brought tears to my eyes. I pray that this sweet boy grows in faith and remains thankful to our Lord and allows himself to be instrumental in bringing many others to know Him.

    (I love it that the word verification is "committing.")

  2. Lovely to think of that little boy learning to be thankful and mindful before sleep. Your post was so familiar - my mother sat at the side of the bed to hear my prayers, as I did for my children, but my grandchildren don't know this time of peace and thankfulness at all. We'll wait, and lead by example, and hope that as with so many other things that the Lord will move in them in his time.

  3. Oh so sweet. Our new little grand niece was born in the wee hours today...I'm still waiting for those involved to wake up and call me to tell me her name :0)

  4. That, I'm sure, makes your heart sing. :)

  5. The Little Farm hand may not get much sleep: he has so many things to be thankful for it will take a long time to get through the list.
    Maybe thankfulness can catalogued: Monday be thankful for family, Tuesday friends Weds for how pretty everything is in Canada...

    Such a nice problem to have, and may we all so be likewise burdened, nu?

  6. A very sweet blessing to have such a caring mother (or grandmother)...

  7. I was thinking about prayer yesterday - and how it is taken for grranted that we know how to pray. There are those who have not had this example and are at a loss for words ... this beautiful post shows us how it begins.
    I still remember bringing our sleepy heads in from the car late at night and one or the other would say, "Pray for me." Meaning, do the prayer thing for me - I'm too tired.
    Don't we all feel like that sometimes too?

  8. I been enjoying reading your blog for sometime now, but this is my first time to comment. I couldn't resist recommending this funny video by Tim Hawkins (Christian comedian) where he does a hilarious take on that prayer.."Now I lay me.." Here's the link...enjoy. :-)

  9. How blessed that little one is to have a grandma like you. Little lives are so pliable. I am learning that in a new way in my role as grandma. Love your little one's comment about thanking Jesus. So precious!

  10. Those prayers are so priceless. That's the value in blogging. One day I had to give Levi a whole group of blogs printed off that described his early life....It's so much fun to keep a journal that's so alive.

  11. How well I remember my first bedtime the German language. And praying with my children when they were wee little...and a three-year-old son who would not pray 'if I should die...before I wake'. He stopped and said...'but I don't want to die'. We changed the prayer to...

    Now I lay me down to sleep...
    I pray thee Lord my soul to keep...
    Thy love go with me through the night...
    And wake me with the morning light.

    What a wonderful bedtime ritual...a good habit to learn for a end the day talking to our heavenly Father.

  12. awww... how sweet a post, Lovella. And you are right, being tucked into bed is a very precious childhood memory.
    One of my special 'tucked in' memories I have is when your Mom tucked me in when I stayed overnight at her house when I was 6
    I love that YOU are making memories now for your precious little ones!


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