lip stain

Try to look past the fact that my lips are not 20ish.

Fantastic news.. . .

I have found a new product that I'm really happy with.

I have wondered for years why I couldn't find a lip stain that would give my lips colour and would stay on longer than one cup of coffee.

I saw an add for Cover Girl Outlast Lip Stain ..

Obviously .. .there was no sample to try. . so I went with 415 and it seems to be good for my skin tone.

I put it on. . .cover it with my favorite lip balm. . .and I'm good to go.

When I want to dress it up a notch. . .I start with lip liner.

Am I the last to know about lip stain?

I wouldn't be the least surprised.

It's a grammie day. . .

All for now. .


  1. It looks very nice! I'm such a Chapstick addict that it's tough for me to remember to use lipstick/lip stain most of the time!

  2. May I suggest that Maybelline make a long stay lipstick with shiny lip gloss that will last much much longer too?

    I discovered long stay lipstick after I had my baby girl and got sick of seeing lip prints all over her head and face.... :)

  3. No, it seems I'm the last to know about lip stain! It looks great on you. I'm a huge fan of lip gloss but don't like anything sticky.

  4. Kinda Sassy .. .yes I have tried the long stay lip stick but found it too heavy for my lips. . and kind of cakey ..but I'm not sure if I tried the brand you suggested. . I'll have a look ..thanks.
    (i've also been known to leave lip prints and the stain doesn't do that either. .woo hoo)

  5. Lip Stain? what's lip stain?
    Looks good Lovella...

  6. I can't believe you shared this today. On Monday, at the drug store I bought my first CG lipstain and got one free. I too, really like how it stays on. I added a touch of gloss and I liked that also. Looks like you chose a good shade for you.

  7. I haven't tried this, but I have tried Maybeline and l'Orial (spelling?!) They both work for me and love the fact that I can go to a meeting, sip coffee and not have a goopy-looking cup in front of me. That is a good colour for you!

  8. Perfect color for you! I know about lip stain, but not that one. I find that they are drying, but let us know if that one isn't. Off to see what else you've been up to in a week.

  9. I sure know what you are talking about. We sure want to look made up all the time...I love my lip liner which is natural and a bit of color and I'm good to go for a few hours.

    I can't even be bothered to reapply like all those ladies in the washroom, at a big event. I just run out and I know my hubby still waits for me, lips or no lips.

  10. Well, I'm behind you. I'll have to give it a try.

  11. You're definitely not the last one to know about it - I never heard of lip stain. I love Burts Bees tinted lip gloss. It has a lovely smell and keeps my lips from chapping.

  12. I've learned something new! I also hate leaving lip marks on the coffee mug - if this fixes it, then I'm in. Did someone say you can buy one and get one free?

  13. to me. I've been using tinted lip gloss for years...'juicy tubes'. I like's very minimal...but does stay on cups...and babies! I think I'll check out your CG product...and report back.

  14. I was given a lip stain that had a lip plumper with it. I like the stain, but oh that plumper actually burned my lips. I like the color on you. Any tips are always appreciated. Kathy

  15. I just still can't believe you and Anneliese are grammies!

  16. Hmmm, lip stain? I tried some type of lip color...that needed gloss over practically ate my lips right off my face. Drying wasn't even the right word.

    Is your's staining only, without the suck your lips off your face? Well, if it is, I will go try I am a girl who likes some color on her *also not so 20ish lips.* Plus, it makes my boys say, "Mama, you look so pretty."


    mama to 7
    one homemade and 6 adopted

  17. I don't use lipstick any more either, just chapstick. Old lips.

  18. Nope, you're not the last to hear of lip stain!


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