Martha says

Sure. . .and wasn't I brilliant to plant a wee Japanese Anemones a few years ago.

Martha says. . ."Japanese anemones offer late-season beauty. Bathed in September morning light. . .(love how she says that). ..the petals of this (lots of Latin here. . .). . take on a translucent, glowing quality. With it's long stems and abundant flowers, the plant forms a silvery pink cloud in the garden."

I can't disagree with her. . .she's right.

I don't normally regularly purchase this magazine. . .

however.. ..

I've become a wee bit itchy to repaint the living room/kitchen area.

I'm wondering where the trends are leading.

Are colors going darker again?

Or. . .

lighter again?

I've purchased two magazines now. . .

and greens are clearly the front runner.

I like green.

I'd love some opinions on where the trends are headed. . .do tell.

This fall . ..when summer is firmly done. . .I think I may tackle the job.

This morning we have a breakfast date. . .

all for now. .


  1. Can't wait to hear the advice from the other readers, cause I'd like to know too! Hopefully you're right about green, since so much of my house is green. :)

  2. I will remember Japanese anemones for next year's garden - because fall colour is sadly lacking in mine.

  3. I've used a lot of blues and greens in this house (come to think of it, I used a lot of green in my last three houses!). Green is definitely in right now because of the trend toward "organic" and "natural" and "earth-friendly." I think it's a soothing, calming, welcoming color.

    I don't think you could go wrong with green, whether the undertones are yellow, blue, or gray. Because I'm using beachy-themed colors in this house, the greens and blues are sort of sea-glass colors, and they're all anchored by a sandy beige.

    The Japanese anemones are so pretty, but I'm guessing they wouldn't do so well here in Florida.

  4. I always hope that the colours I choose will be in vogue for a long time...because I don't like changing things up entirely. But if it's just can have some fun with it.

    I like your Japanese anemones...and now I have a name for them.

  5. As I pass gardens full of these beautiful anemones I vow (as in other years) to plant some for next fall!
    Trends.......I tend to ignore them for the big stuff and acknowledge them with the little things. I've had the same living room furniture since 1978, the same dining room furniture since 1975. I've had new draperies made over the past two years, and they aren't in the shades I see in the magazines (which I do buy!) but they make me feel good. My bow to the current craze for all things French Country is a rooster here and watering can there. I don't think I can embrace anything about the trend for lime green, brown and orange. I remember Harvest Gold and Avocado Green too well!!!

  6. What a beautiful plant! It will be fun to see where you go with color...

  7. that you mention it, I do remember my little chat with Martha awhile back. I shared that I was about to paint my living room the color of green tea, with similar colored upholstered furniture. She said "Really? Hmmm...I think you may be on to something."

    Of course I complimented her on her former choices of aqua that matched the chicken's eggs colors. I think she knew that those colors were SO 1990's, and it was really time to move on.

    (I've had living rooms of a very pale milky green, bedrooms with deep forest green, kitchens with forest green, and now the tea green. My favorite color is green...and every room I've ever decorated since I was 12 has had a green component. Green goes with everything! But if I had to chose another color, I'd go with the aqua egg shades.)

  8. Thank you so much for this post! I have a vacant property behind mine, and noticed creeping over my fence these beautiful flowers yesturday. I thought to take a picture and post it on my blog, and see if I could find out what this flower was!! I come here today and see it - a Japanese I just need to know how to transplant into my garden =)

  9. I'm always for green - in season and out! The shade of green just changes...

  10. Go with green or whatever you like...never mind the trend! I love green as well and all earthy tones.
    Gorgeous little flowers.

  11. Ah, you have a good eye and will make a good choice in color. We have been wanting to paint our front door. White really suits, but we have been considering oz blood red. I've had afew people (I trust) give a thumbs up on that. We'll see, we change things very slowly....too slowly I'm quit sure. my vote is you can never go srong with green...that is the right shade of green. For me it is inviting and easy color to live with.

  12. Most of the rooms in our home are painted shades of green. In fact I just bought the new Kenmore Elite washer/dryer in green because it goes so well with the color in my laundry room. I have had these colors for almost a year now and I have never regretted it. Goes with all my decor and changing seasons very well. Can't wait to see what you choose. Your flowers are beautiful!

  13. I don't know the trends right now, I just know that my kitchen and eating area are green and I really like it. It is calming to me. But, on the other hand I have seen some beautiful kitchens lately and they were painted different colors. I liked each of them, especially the coffee colored one with the pure white moldings and ceiling. I think you have good judgement in decorating so I am anxious to see what you choose.

    Hope you have fun on your date.

  14. I can't tell you where the trends are headed...I'm never sure about those ever-changing trends. However, I have just purchased a lovely, soft sage green to repaint my one accent wall in the living room, and also the dining room walls. The very same walls I already painted twice in one week recently...

    Green will be lovely and soothing...

  15. Hi again Lovella,
    I will be getting that recipe for the Mexican Rice form my SIL and post it on the MGCC. I thought of it while she was making it at my house but my back was out and my photo skills were stuck on the couch :0)

  16. well lovella i don't know if i really know anything about the trends of paint colours but i know what i like. we just painted our house when we did our reno and we used a yellow called pale pollen from cloverdale paints and a green called young green from cloverdale paints. i also know that sombrero from benjamin moore is very nice. it is a yellowish colour with a bit of green. can't wait to see what you choose.

  17. Hmm .. you got me curious... I did a little googling and came up with this interestingly informative site...

    I like my colors and I'm not planning to change them, but the trend sounds like fun!

  18. I have a pink cloud in my garden that's just amazing. But my hanging baskets - not so much. I forgot them too many times.

    About paint colors. I heard earth tones are heading out. This after we decorated the store. OH well. I'm pretty sure peach is not back in. My kitchen is still peach and looking pretty good with it's chicken border. I'm JOKING. My kitchen is my most out of it room in the house.

  19. Me again. Earth tones - meaning browns and such.

    I've been thinking of yellows. We get so much gray here I think it would be sunny feeling.


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