last summer project of 2009

A few days ago . . .

I talked to my cousin . .

and she said .. "'oh please .. .come and get it" . . .

and so I sent my beloved down the road to retrieve the prize.

After the lil' farm hand finished his nap ...

they set to work on their cleaning and building project.

On the last day of summer 2009. .

they shared the hose . . .

with bare feet . . .

and Popsicles.

As I came back with my camera. . . .

I could hear their laughter . . .

and chatter.

When they were done . . .

the castle stood sturdy and bright . . . .

Not too big. . . and not too small . . .

the castle is a perfect addition to cousin camp.

Little blessings . . .

I'm a happy grammie.

All for now . . .


  1. That castle looks just perfect! There's nothing like being a happy grammie when it means everyone else is happy and having fun, too!

  2. How fun! :) Yes, the first day of fall today......I should do something. Years ago I managed to celebrate every little holiday like this. :) Now I'm just a bit tired. :) But, I really should start pulling out some festive decorations.

  3. I love the castle. Those kids will never forget. I miss my little grands. They are all grown up now.

  4. That is the perfect size! Oh my the little guy is getting so big!!

  5. The King and the young Princeling work together well. The kingdom will be in good hands for many many years.

    (So are you going to whip up some crowns for the Princeling and Princess to don next cousin camp?)

  6. Oh what fun! We sure are having nice early fall weather. Your grands will still enjoy this new castle in the sunshine. Cute post. Kathy

  7. Every boy should have a play fort and this one looks like the real thing. He and the other little ones will have lots of fun in there!

  8. When I saw the pictures (of course enlarged on them before reading on) =) I thought the project was to clean it up and put it away (into storage) for the winter . . . coulnd't understand the eagerness to do that!
    It's all okay - and you will have lots of Fall time to enjoy the playground in your back yard.

  9. A great addition to your 'cousin camp' playground. May they have many fun hours playing in the castle.

  10. Now isn't that a cute project. They will have so much fun. It's so neat to see how you have two of them exactly the same age. Those will be in your home for awhile.
    Have a great day.


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