Diaper Cake for Labour Day

On this Labour day. . .2009, it seemed appropriate to show you the very cute diaper cake my friend Linda made for a baby shower to welcome her very special brand new great nephew.

It has over 100 size two diapers in it.

I can imagine that his mommy will have a hard time deciding to pull it apart.

All the tiers are simply stacked one on top of the other. . .

so she can start at the bottom and work her way to the topper. . ..

enjoying it's sweetness . . .tier by tier.

The diapers are rolled around a roll of toilet paper. .

pulled tight with a cord of string. . .and fastened with ribbon.

She did it alone. . .

which impressed me greatly.

She agreed that four hands would have made the task easier.

Linda has made wedding cakes. . .

anniversary cakes. . .

birthday cakes

but this was her first diaper cake.

I would have waited to show you the one I made myself when I host my next baby shower. . .

but seriously ..

I just couldn't wait to share her creative idea.

It seemed such a fitting post for "Labour day" weekend holiday.

I know the Labour day holiday is not about babies .. .and diapers. . .

but making the connection isn't impossible.

Today . . I honour the hardest work most mothers have ever done!

All for now. .


  1. That's amazing! Yes, I can make the connection between babies and Labor Day...that's just too cute!

  2. Wow! The cake is so well done it's hard to believe she's never made one before. It's just gorgeous and beautiful!!! Someone brought one to my sister's shower but it was a bit smaller and the diapers were all rolled individually into circles and then lined up and stacked. The idea is so clever!

  3. How clever - and cute! This post is getting a star in my reader so that I won't forget it.

    I always associate Labour Day with birth labour. It was the hardest and best work I ever did :)

  4. What fun. She really did a great job! I like the connection to Labor Day!!

  5. I love to see the creative doings of friends, especially when friends are this artistically gifted. What a special gift for Cooper's mother. One that will not be forgotten. I think it is so beautifully done! Thank you for sharing it with us on this Labor Day(how appropriate...really).

  6. Love these cakes...
    No calories inside this cake... but we know the calories that get burned by new moms as they care for their babies!
    all the best, Maria

  7. What an amazing diaper cake! I'll be back here one day...to see how good a copykat I am. Great idea!

    Labour...babies...diapers...it's quite easy to connect the dots. Enjoy the day!

  8. And it is a very specialized field of work. Women only may apply.

  9. I have seen that diaper cake. It is so cute. Looks great and what a great gift. Never enough diapers for a newby. Blessings

  10. What a cute idea! My nephew's wife is expecting and I'll be having the shower, so I'll be looking back here and enlarging that photo!

  11. What a great idea....Who would of known that one could be so creative. I wonder where you get those kind of creative juices.
    I'm sure she didn't whip that up too quickly.

  12. Lynda is the most creative friend of ours...isn't she! Her diaper cake is so sweet. My daughter recieved one of those at the baby shower her friend had for her. It too was a work of art and so appreciated. Labor day...perfect post for today. Kathy

  13. Way to go Linda. That's an especially beautiful diaper cake. Huge and nicely decorated with special extras. Artsy!

  14. What a novel, creative idea! I'm totally blown away with what people will come up next! I think MARTHA should feature it in her magazine!!

  15. What a great idea!! The name kind of threw me for loop, but it's beautiful and so practical, of course! Today I feel like Labor day has more to do with the kind of labor you are talking about.

  16. I have a wonderful aunt that is very thoughtful and creative. I'm still in awe of the beautiful creation. It will definitely be hard to pull it apart.
    Thank you for the very very cute gap outfit. I love the overalls !!!!

  17. I love that cake. It is so pretty.

  18. The diaper cake is lovely! Very creative and fashionable! Are those cloth diapers?


  19. I love how clean your diaper cake looks!


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