under forty club

Little cookies for the under forty crowd. . . . .

Big cookies for the over forty crowd.

I've had a very good week.

I spent three days running my under forty club.

If you are under forty pounds. . .

and under forty inches tall ..

you can come to ...

under forty club . . .


The club membership requirements are subject to change without notice.

The good news. . .

the under forty club is free.

Most of the best things in life are.

Have a wonderful weekend.

All for now. . .


  1. Well, I don't think I qualify. :( oh well. I run my own under forty club here. :) Maybe i should say under 60 since some of my kids are getting bigger. tonight we're hosting pie night at our house so I've got to get pies baked and the house organized (after school...). Have a good weeekend!

  2. I see there was no mention of an "over 40" club....too bad! I think I need to join one :)
    Glad you had a great week - a little crazy here, but God is good.

  3. Love that under forty club! I think I should start making the over forty cookies for me and my friends :0)

  4. For a few seconds while reading your post, I wished I was "under forty" in some area of life. Those little chocolate cookies look so good. Your small under forty ones are so fortunate to have someone like you in their lives. And, you are right...the best things in life are free. Have fun!

  5. Lovella you are just the greatest grandma! Your 'kiddies' are just so lucky to have you!
    I chuckled when I read who belonged to your 'under forty club'..
    I don't belong to that club but could I have some cookies anyway??

  6. I have a couple of wannabe's for the under 40 club ... can they join too? And how about a cookie sample for those who don't meet the qualifications?!?

  7. Um...knowing how easy it is for the over forty crowd to gain weight...shouldn't those proportions be reversed?

  8. You make me want to bake cookies - even though I have no under forty members yet.

    I have one of those scoops too - aren't they great?

  9. I love the way they collapse and crinkle! That's just my way of seeing they are good cookies!

  10. Hmm, if I bring someone who is under 40, could I nibble one of the tiny cookies-as I am not much of a sweetie. Well, you know what I mean ;-)

    Have a Lovely Lovella weekend!

    mama to 7
    one homemade and 6 adopted

  11. I baked cookies for the over 40 club this morning...not quite so pretty and petite as yours. You run a fun club over there...they'll always be back for more!

  12. I am disqualified on both counts, but I'll watch the 'change without notice' clause !! smile...
    I know its a perfect club with the perfect members!!
    I'm sure the cookies were enjoyed by all!

  13. Guess we will have to get our own over 40,50,60,70 club. Really I need to join the lose 50 club.

  14. I wondered why I bought those very same scoops in different sizes - now I know! Do you also have a cookie size for the need-to-lose-40 group?

    Your under-40s (and your over 40s, too) are a fortunate bunch to have you tending to their wants and needs!


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