tiny touchups

Yesterday was a fantastic weather day.

The dark clouds made the sun coming through the clouds .. .

more brilliant.

I usually walk across the road to avoid the unsightly power lines.

Truth be told. .

if you were having dinner at our house .. .

you'd be looking out the window seeing the view through the power lines.

Yesterday. . .

I removed the power lines.

The reality is. . .they are still there.

I just removed them from this picture.

Don't you wish everything unsightly in your life was that easy to remove?

Life is not like that.

Neither is my view.

Grandgirlie will be here any minute. . .

We're going to put on our boots today.

The apples need to be picked. .

and we're going to roll out some pie dough.

Well.. . .one of us is going to be rolling out pie dough. .

the other has pretty blue dough.

All for now. .


  1. Having dinner at your home with a view like that, I would not care how many wires I had to look through. It would not matter. What an amazingly gorgeous view you have!!! It is a wonder to me how you find time to roll out any dough, I would just be sitting and staring at the view.

    Hope you and your little ones have a special day together. Remember you are teaching so many little lessons to the one who works beside you.

  2. A little photo shopping in life would be great. :) Have fun with the apples. They are so good when picked fresh!

  3. And while my life cannot be Photoshopped, the precious blood of Jesus washes away what I cannot. For it washes white as snow.
    Blessings to you and yours Lovella, on this fine Wednesday morning!

  4. If only it were that easy to erase the little uglies in our own lives.

    Sounds like a great day with the little miss!

  5. Pie making with the grandgirlie..how fun!

  6. Taking a good look at ourselves and what is in our life does seem to be needed once in a while, as does the "erasing" and "correcting"...not without a bit of time, pain and prayer. Thanks for the reminder this morning.

    Have a fun day with your little grand...so fun.

  7. Well Lovella, we're hoping for the tutorial. How fun when you can figure out something else eh?
    I've been working at reorganizing some of my stuff...but it sure takes long and then, I'd start all over again...but it's all the worth of helping each other.
    Yea, I wish I could erase many lines in my life.

  8. I'll join Judy in sitting and staring out your window if that's OK.

    Or she and you can come over and join me in staring out my window...I think I'm seeing snow on Mt. Olympus this morning!

    Power lines and facial lines...in lovely pictures they need to go, and thank you Lord for photo editing!

    (What did you use to erase? Blogger touch up or ????)

  9. Did you do that with picasa retouch? It's almost scary what you can do with photos now. Your view is beautiful with or without the power lines.
    Hope you both enjoy the rolling and cutting! Just don't use the same table . . .

  10. I've often wished that we had underground power lines - the wires get in the way of many a great scene. But I only really notice them in photos - along with slanted horizon lines - a few of the things I fix regularly with Paint Shop Pro.

    Mmm apple pies and apple crisp - I can hardly wait til ours are ready!

  11. With fall here I took a week to spend a wee bit of extra time looking inward. Ouch! Sometimes I need touch ups...as you called them. I also purged my pantry of everything, washed the walls and shelves and all the containers. I threw out stale and out dated items, and I just love love that it is all in order. I feel more in order after last week too. This was a good reminder to keep my life touched up. How neat that you can remove things from a picture. I often remove red eye, but yesterday I was touching up afew on line photos and ended up giving everyone a black eye???What's that all about...it has always worked in the past. It had me laughing as I have never given any one a black eye before. I guess I'll be calling my SIL for a tutorial. Enjoy the puddles with your cutie pie. Kathy

  12. What spectacular skies of yours we shared yesterday. Yours in the Canadian sense...
    It would be great to be able to blot out some things in our views. How amazing to think God has blotted out all the sin in our lives!! Have a lovely day with your little one/ones....

  13. I love photoshopping stuff out of my pic's...and wish I could clean up all parts of my life as easily. But Farmgirl Cyn spoke the truth...we can be washed whiter than snow. I like that thought!

    I'm smiling...'cuz I always walk across the road to take my Mt. Cheam pic's as well...it looks much nicer without the power lines running interfering.

  14. Hmmm, I think I need a lesson on the *how you do that?* I am ready whenever you are sweet Lovella!

    {psssttt:sshhhhhh....God spoke to us about adoption last week, we found our daughter...she is in Ethiopia...she is beautiful, she has been in an orphanage for 5 years...she is 12...would you pray for us...we need to raise $20k in the next few months to bring her home. thanks friend!}

    mama to 7
    one homemade and 6 adopted

  15. The clouds were beautiful yesterday !! I so enjoyed them as we travelled the freeway on our way out for bible study!
    Your photos are great !!!

    Ohh.. I remember the 'blue' dough or whatever set it apart. Those years just go by too quickly.
    And yes.. it WOULD be nice if life came with a "Smart Erase" tool !!
    I guess its called "forgiveness".

  16. Power lines or not, the view is beautiful indeed.

  17. Beautiful!! And how wonderful to spend time with grandgirlie making scrumtious things and memories. And, yes, I wish I could photoshop my life...C


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