Taco Lobo Date Night

"Don't worry about a thing". . .I said
"I'll be out of your way in a minute". . . .I said
"can you see the road okay?". . . .I asked
"can you move your head back .. .a bit?. . .I requested with a smile and a wink.
Is is just me . . or are all the good views on the other side of the vehicle?
We ventured over the great divide to old Bellingham on Friday night.
I'm on I was on the hunt for an electric train set and thought that the Costco down there might have a skookum set.
You know how you can imagine coming around the corner of displays and seeing it. .
stacked high and priced so reasonably that a person with good sense would snap it up. .
and hide it until tree trimming time.
They didn't have one. ..
and it's a good thing too. . .
since upon discussing my brilliant idea for under the "tree". . .
with the lil' farm hand's mommy yesterday. . .
it seemed .. .
the idea has already been hatched in her mind. .
and what kind of cruel grammie would try to out do a mommy?
That's what I thought too.
We'll wait one year.

So anyways. .
we left there and drove into old Bellingham. . .
hungry for Mexican food.
We spotted this bright cheery looking place. . .
parked the truck and went inside.

There were still plenty of tables available. .
so we ordered our food. . .
and helped ourselves to the salsa buffet. . .
and had a seat.
Not ten minutes later. . .
the folks were lined up to the door.
We felt quite brilliant to have snuck in before the rush. . .
and began to feel quite confident in our choice.

You know you've selected well .. .
when little Mexican ladies are making fresh tortillas within your view ...
and you are munching on fresh tortilla chips and hand cut salsa.. .
while waiting for your food.
We'll be back Taco Lobo. .
All for now. . .


  1. Yum -- I wish there was a Taco Lobo around here!

  2. Oh that sounds delicious - love Mexican! Well, I pretty much love anything food :)

  3. That looks yummy! The authentic Mexican restaurants are one thing I really miss since we moved away from Texas. They are hard to find here in our area.

    I like the train idea...and aren't you the best Grammie for letting Mommy have that fun. I'm sure you'll have something equally wonderful at Christmastime!

  4. I'm taking notes...I'd go the distance for good Mexican fare!

    And while you were sampling tacos and salsa...we were enjoying a good New Yorker pizza at J. Beethoven's Pizza up at Cultus Lake.

    It's always fun to try something new.

  5. Mentally adding that to the list of restaurants I'd love to try!

  6. Looks like a great place to eat.. we love Mexican food too!
    Christmas shopping already?? I guess it is that time of year.

  7. Mt. Baker is snow capped year around, right? So beautiful in the distance and the snow on it is a perfect nudge to get to Christmas thinking.

    A lot of the So. Calif grammies get hooked on displaying those vintage villages under the tree...with ice skaters twirling, Santa flying over the roof tops, church bells swinging and so on. Others collect 1/2 life sized animated figures such as waving Santas, toy making elves, and head bobbing deer.

    I wonder which kind of thing would excite my grand kitties the most at Christmas time? Like kitties don't have enough fun just climbing up Christmas trees and knocking down ornaments.
    (I just found out I'm getting another grandkitty...via Laura...today!)

  8. How long do you think it will take us to get there? Mexican food, is some of our very favorite, especaily when the food is made by hand.

    You are a wise grandma to come up with another plan for Christmas.

    Happy Monday!

  9. Ah . . .electric train sets - a favourite around this household of mainly males. I don't quite understand the fascination - it just goes round and round right? But then - they don't get my love of dollhouses :)

  10. It's always good to be on the ball. A train set is so perfect...How can grandkids grow up without that? Your heart must of been a bit heavy. But maybe you can add to that....
    Try lego...There's an endless village of items in the larger blocks which are compatible with the smaller blocks as they grow older.

  11. Oh now that is my kind of place and my kind of meal!! Old Bellingham...maybe Katie and I will have to stop there on our way back from OH CANADA! We already are suppose to stop at our friends Blackberry House Cafe in Blaine on our way up :0)


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