oh happy day!!!

Coffee break on the farm yesterday afternoon was nothing out of the ordinary .. .
(a chuckle and a smirk here)
My farmer , gardener , beloved called me at 2:30 in the afternoon to see when coffee would be ready . . .
I said. . .come see .. .
He said .. . I'm on my way. ..

We couldn't sit inside to have our break together. . .
the sun was out .. .
as were the bees. . ..
(and a few flies .. .grr)

Oh .. and as I was getting ready to bring out the coffee .. .there was a hummingbird helping itself to a taste of my tulips on the porch.

How many steps do you think this empty plate represents?
I tried to figure it out. . and I can't. . .it was too painful.

Oh and by the way .. .the Paska recipe can be found on my sidebar.

I did take some new pictures of the process yesterday and I'm planning on reposting the recipe with new pictures the beginning of March. . .when the real Paska. .(Easter Bread) season begins.

(can't blame a girl for practicing a bit .. can you?)

Oh and yesterday I had two delightful surprise phone calls from far away friends.
The first was from Jill down in Texas.
The second one was from Charlotte in Manitoba.


But the sweetest news of all is that I'll see landing gear.

Our lil' farm hand is returning today from his great adventures from way down south.

We're off to retrieve him and his folks from the airport.
It's still early here but I can't sleep.
I have my flight tracker on and I'm watching them come .. .
woo hoo.

I wonder how many steps my pedometer will count today. . .
surely dancing from joy .. .counts for extra.

Have a wonderful day my friends.


  1. How lovely to be able to have coffee outdoors!!!! I think we are still a long way from that. :)

  2. wow, you were up early this morning!!!
    truly a happy day when your kids come home from a long trip, safe and sound.
    oh that paska looks sooo good. maybe i will have to bake some before expected as well.
    still a little envious of you setting outside enjoying the weather......i'm not complaining however.........*smile*
    lamenting is not complaining....right *smile*

  3. Just look at that weather! Coffee on the deck...it's kind of surreal.

    I'll be looking for the paska recipe because whatever that treat is, it looks heavenly.

  4. I wondered why you had visited my blog so early this morning...now I know why! I'd be unable to sleep from the excitement, too. (That's just another continuation of my post about "looking toward the sky" today!) I know there'll be lots of Grammie hugs and kisses given today.

    The paska looks so good...I'll have to try it this year!

  5. Oh my those paska buns look devine! And coffee on the deck...I am jealous! You know what you have started, Lovella?...we'll all want to have a practise run on this Easter bread. Hubby would love it!
    I can imagine the excitement at your house..having loved ones come home.

  6. I love spring in the valley. Looks like it is right around the corner. I am excited to say that I will get to experience it first hand. I am coming home for a quick visit in April. I would love to be able to meet with you with some of the other girlies. You have been such a blessing to me this past year and I would love to tell you face to face. Have fun with your wonderful grandson.

    Oh yeah, I won't promise but I hope to update my blog today or tomorrow.

  7. Lovella,

    Your day sounds wonderful. I love the pic of you sitting on your deck with the sunshine, paska and coffee!! Paska in February - that's awesome =) We're way out in Invermere also enjoying LOTS of sunshine, but much colder temps (only warms up to 1 or 2C in the afternoon). But I've been hearing that Abbotsford was 12C over the last couple of days...spring is in the air!!


  8. Dancing counts! I count dancing - but it doesn't record if I dance too smooth. Rock out :)

    I hit over 11,000 steps yesterday - I first for me. Had to tell you.

  9. Oh sweet! The coffee the empty plate (beautiful plate by the way)tulips. I'm glad your little farm hand is back...

  10. Oh... how could today be more perfect ? I'm smiling at the thought of your smiles that will fill your day !!
    The time your precious bundle was 'out of the country' have gone quickly, haven't they ?
    I'm so glad he'll soon be safe and sound at home !!

    Your paska makes my mouth water ..I did make some last year -- gluten-free- that tasted pretty good !!! in fact really good.. I'll have to try it again.

    Your photos are great, as usual !! even the empty plate is lovely !! smile

  11. Oh wow...coffee, paska, sunshine, returning grandbabies. Didn't your world have a lot of happy dance material?

    Yeah! Love it when that happens!

  12. Lovella, you look so trim and petite in that photo that I'm sure you can get by with not too many steps to make up for that empty plate!

    I am glad you are enjoying some sunny weather - you deserve it up there in your part of the world...

  13. oh i love paska i could eat it all year round. I think i might try making some this year. Yours looks very tasty!

  14. The paska looks light as a cloud and perfect! It will disappear all too quickly with your farmhand and company returning. Bet you can't wait till he can actually try himself... next year? Happy reunion!

  15. That is a really cute picture of you! Love it!
    I think I should 'practice' making paska this weekend!

  16. Mmmm. Ok, it's settled.
    I'm comin' over for paska.

  17. Seeing you and the paska makes me miss home. I'm so glad you get to see the wee li'l farmhand come straight off that plane. I'm sure they'll have lots of stories to tell.

  18. Dancing for joy absolutely counts --- double!


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