Fantastic News!!!
I'm forty-nine.
I've almost made it to the all important big one.
I'm still not completely sure what everyone is so excited about when they get to the big one. . .
but I suppose in a year I'll know .. .and I'm sure I'll tell you.
I got this card from my SIL Heidi.
I had been thinking of choosing a word to use as my goal this year.
I love what this card says.
enjoy more. . . ..
dream more. . .
live more. . .
laugh more. . .
relax more .. .
imagine more. . .
smile more .. .
hope more .. .
believe more. . .
create more. . .
love more. . .
off the top of my head. . .there are a few "more" I could add.
I'll do a post of this sometime soon.
"more" will be my word for the year.
Oh and about the tiara. . .
last year our friends Todd and Nancy gave it to me. . .
and this year I decided that I will do a "personal self photo"
every year to see how I'm coming along .. .
I wore it on last years birthday post and I thought it could be quite fun to see
"my advancement"
over the next years. .
( I do wonder how long I'll be blogging)

Oh and for those of you tuning in for the bloggy walking club .. .
here is my average for week six.

I had a slow day yesterday but I spent some time sitting while my hairdresser dealt with those stubborn roots .. .

and then I spent some more time sitting here.

I'll post more of my birthday celebrations on Monday .. .

but here is a hint. . . .

Oh and just so you know. . .
my day has started in a spectacular way.

My beloved took me out for coffee this morning and when I went to get into the truck . ..
this slide scanner was sitting in my seat.

Now you've got to know.. . .I've been hinting and begging and going on and on about how some girls get these for their birthdays. .. .

What I would love to do right now is sit down with the zillions of slides that we have and begin to scan them into our computer .. . .
but . ..
we have a wedding to go to this afternoon .. .
is it wrong for me to wear the tiara?


Have a wonderful day my friends .. .see you on Monday.


  1. A MORE Blessed Happy Birthday to you , Lovella !!!
    May today be the beginning of a wonderful year !!

    Sending a big birthday hug!!!

    I'm going to start begging for one of those scanners !!!!

  2. Happy Birthday, I am so way past that
    Wishing you a totally amazing day and by the sounds of it you have a great start, begging and hinting lucky girl!!
    I have been a bit "under the weather" this week so my steps declined drastically, I clocked in at an average of 6958. Hopefully next week will be better.

  3. Happy Birthday Lovella! Looks like you've been visiting across the border...

    "More" is a wonderful word for the year! That card certainly says it all.

    My daily average this week was 9,283. And I've got my pedometer on, ready to go into week seven! That's quite an accomplishment in itself, that we are still walking after all this time!

  4. Happy Birthday! Bless you. The tiarra - maybe just to the reception not the ceremony :)

    What a great gift for someone who enjoys pictures so much.

    My walking average - my personal best - ta da - 9,040. Whoo hoo.

  5. Happy, Happy Birthday Lovella.

    Looks like you had a lot of fun yesterday, hope today is full of MORE fun.

    Love you like crazy!

  6. Happy Birthday!!!! I hope you have a very special day!!! How wonderful to get a slide scanner! I'm really anxious to get slides from our childhood scanned in, but have to go to my parents to do it.

    I've done my 7.5 minutes on the bike each day, along with stretches. This next week I'll up that to 10 min.

  7. Happy Birthday Cuz!! Having reached the "big one" i can tell you it's the same as the one before. Enjoy your day!!

  8. Happy Bday Lovella! You're just a few years ahead of me, girl!

    Sounds like a great way to start the day (w/sweetie)

    Were you at the Space Needle?

    Thanks for all of your thoughtful, encouraging comments on my blog as of late.


  9. Oh Happy Happy Birthday to you dear Lovella! You are such a young thing, only 49! Hmm the Space Needle? I'll be coming over soon to borrow your slide scanner :)
    I hope all your celebrations are marvelous.
    My walking post is up.

  10. Happy Birthday, Lovella! I shouldn't have trouble remembering your special day, since you share it with my sister.

    Now that looks like a wonderful birthday gift to me! I bought an attachment for my digital camera, where you insert the slide & click...however, the results aren't always the best & it is very tedious. I'm looking forward to seeing your copied slides!

    I haven't any steps to report, although I did take a few! However, I sat for hours on a road trip...and then sat for hours at the desk doing T4s, etc. when I got home. But I shall step it up today.

  11. Happiest of b-days dear Lovella!! 50 is no big deal - I did it last year :)

    A slide scanner - I never knew there was such a thing. I have some slides from when I was a child. My dad took a lot of slides and it was always a big event when we hung up the sheet and had a family slide show.

    You scared me a bit when I saw the 45,000 - then I realized it was the weekly total!!

    My best day was 8640 - and I have walked 4 days with my good friend Leslie :)along with some stretching and strength exercises. You're an inspiration.

  12. Good walking total! GREAT gift! Happy Birthday!

    The picture in the tiara...well, still cute as a button, aren't you now.

    Your "More" them has clicked several songs into my head, but especially the children's song: "I want more of Jesus, more and more and more, I want more of Jesus than I ever had before. I want more of His great love so rich and full and free...I want more of Jesus so I'll give Him more of me!"

    And really, as we age, isn't there indeed more to us to give?

  13. Happy Birthday! Have a fabulous day and year ahead ... can't wait to hear all about your celebrations.

  14. You look lovely for 49! Young and energetic. Have a wonderful day. If you wear that tiara with an attitude, you can do the whole entire wedding. Cause you're the Princess, right!

  15. Happy Birthday to you,
    Happy Birthday to you,
    Happy Birthday dear Lovella,
    Happy Birthday to you!

    May your day be filled with joy as you celebrate your special day!

  16. Happy Birthday! "More" is a very good word for this wonderful time of our lives! I find that I have more time to think of what's important and make decisions according to that. I will adopt your "more" word too!
    And guess what? After begging and hinting or whatever it took, I got that exact scanner as a belated christmas present. I've been driving my family nuts with trying to figure out how to scan those zillions of slides! My patient boys have tried in vain to make things as easy as possible, but now I've come to the conclusion that I need a new computer! If you figure out how to scan those slides in full, beautiful color, can you please let me know? Oh, I'm so technically challenged!!

  17. Happy Birthday!!! I hope that when I am 49 I look as great as you, both inside and out!!! =)

  18. OK...give. Why the facial expressions of horror/surprise?

    What on earth was going on in Seattle to cause that sort of expression? Have they found a miracle cure for NASCAR addiction?

    And I think you deserve a better getaway than just a trip to Jitterstown.

  19. I wish you a very blessed birthday, Lovella!!! You wear the tiara well!

    Much Love to you today...

  20. Happy Birthday! I know it was just spectacular!


  21. Happy, happy birthday, darling Lovella! You're an adorable 49! By all means, wear the tiara to the wedding! Hahahaha...

    I like your word of the year, too.

  22. Since you and I are sharing a birthday weekend, I went shopping to find you a gift and I'm so thrilled with what I found! Don't you think it goes beautifully with your word of the year?

    The More I Seek You

    The more I seek You
    The more I find You

    The more I find You
    The more I love You

    I wanna sit at your feet,
    drink from the cup in Your hand
    Lay back against You and breathe, feel your heartbeat

    This love is so deep,
    its more that I can stand
    I melt in Your peace,
    its overwhelming

    ~artist Kari Jobe

  23. Happy Birthday Lovella!
    What a beautiful birthday post,
    enjoy your day!

    I love the tiarra!

  24. Happy Birthday, Lovella! I think every birthday is something to celebrate and certainly tiara worthy! :o)

  25. You are gorgeous. Beautiful on the inside and out.
    Hope your day is as special as you are.

  26. Happy birthday to you!

    You were certainly in Seattle at the Space Needle and it looks like you were spectating at either a basketball game or a hockey game.

    My walking average was 10,218 steps for this week. It certainly helps to have Ellen for a walking buddy!

  27. Happy Birthday! Is that the Space Needle I see? Looks like you celebrated in a big way! "More" is a great word - there is so much to that word!

    By the way...50? Don't worry about it. Been there, done that, no biggie.

    Steps? Uh, gotta replace the battery in my pedometer!

  28. Happy birthday!! I agree with many who say you look great. I love the look on your faces and can't wait to hear how you celebrated. That scanner is great. My mother in law took two years to scan all the pictures from her side of the family and it is just wonderful to have those pics all in one place. It is a big job but so worth it. Many blessings to you for today and for the year ahead.

  29. I said it on Facebook and I'll say it again, you wear the tiara very well. :) I hope you had a wonderful day.

  30. it's my turn to wish you Happy Birthday (love the tiara)...

    ...I just wanted to stop by and say thank you...thank you...thank you for all of the sweet birthday wishes!

    Hope your day is as wonderful as you made mine.

    smiles, kari (& kijsa)

  31. well let me add one more to your list of well-wishers...
    Happy Birthday Lovella...looks like you had a wonderful day!

  32. It must of been quite a day. Obviously we shared different experiences but yet there all worth it. Today I was honored with more gifts from my kids, so next Fri morning we have another birthday breakfast...Maybe I shouldn't turn up???
    Life just gets better as you move down the line.
    Enjoy the scanner, I guess that's where I had all our slides scanned in at London Drugs over my past 10 years, because as you said, They are so valuable. Enjoy your new toy!!!

  33. Happy Birthday Lovella! I hope this next week is full of blessings for you. I heard Julian helped pick out a present for you.

  34. Happy, Happy Birthday Princess Lovella,

    Hope this year brings you "more" of everything nice.



  35. Happy, happy, happy, happy, happy BIRTHDAY to someone who deserves a fantastic year ahead!!!!! Wishing you the very best in every way! We are just about twins --- except, of course, that I am four years older! LOL!


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  37. Wow, Happy Birthday Lovella!!! I'm listening to an online radio station called "WBGL" And they just said: "What Matters Most?", and well guess what? I thought of you. Haha. You are still looking fine, so that's great! I see you have a lot more visitors now too. How do you keep track of them all? Yikers! Have you always been so popular, even as a kid?

    You are definitely loved!

  38. I'm so sorry I missed saying this on your special day! Happy belated birthday! I'm so glad you were treated so well - you deserve it.
    Sounds like you had a most wonderful weekend too. Yay for birthdays that stretch out.

  39. Happy Birthday Lovella-

    I have so much to learn, thank you for sharing your love of life (and birthdays with me).

    The years of infertility have made me detest birthdays or the "new" number assigned with that remembrance of birth. I need a 'heart' transplant and a new attitude I must confess.

    Glad your birthday was joyous, you are a beauty, especially in your lovely tiara and all.

    mama to 6
    one homemade and 5 adopted


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