getting ready?

The sunset last night was quite beautiful. The sky couldn't decide whether it was angry or happy.

No doubt most of you are slaving away finishing up your valentines and sugar cookies for the school parties and the chocolate treats for your sweet hearts.

What a blessing if you have someone that you can bestow some loving on.

Yesterday I made some fresh Callebaut Chocolate bark with nuts and dried fruit.

I also made a pretty scrumptious looking chocolate cake with layers of chocolate mousse, chocolate buttercream, covered with chocolate ganache now mellowing in the refrigerator
for the Valentine social we are having with our care group.
We've often wondered over the years. . .how our marriage would have been different if we hadn't found a group of friends from our church to form couple friendships with.
They have been a source of encouragement and accountability for us.

We've enjoyed having couples over for Valentine special dinners around the 14th of February
for years.

With winter dragging on it's a perfect excuse to have a party.

Yesterday I made a pot of Spaghetti Sauce that though tedious and lengthy in it's instructions, gives me great satisfaction in the wonderful aroma it creates. It's called Anthony's Pasta Sauce and I found it on the web..
Croutons from thin slices of baguettes buttered with garlic butter were slow toasted in the oven for the Caesar Salad.

I started the no knead multigrain bread yesterday and I'll bake it this afternoon.
Find this recipe under my recipe/bread label.

This afternoon I'll set the table with my china and give the house a bit of a cleaning.

I love to do this party. . .I don't know why ..

but I do.

I hope as you prepare your treats for those you love. . you will be blessed with joy.

That is what makes my Valentines Day the most special.

I have my pedometer on .. .

Have a wonderful day my friends.


  1. That sunset is so glorious! I had to look at it in large!

    How did you manage to get the spaghetti recipe to come up with a person clicks on the second photo??

    Your celebration preparations sound super delicious and how wonderful that you are having fun and enjoying it so much and looking forward to your party. That is a real blessing, and even more to have that group of special couples/friends to share with for so many years. That is really extra special....not something I've experienced, nor many people I know. God is good!

  2. Sara .. .I had initally put the link to the spaghetti sauce recipe on and then changed my mind. I guess it wasn't prepared to be shut down that quickly and went and hid in the picture. Very weird.
    I tried to remove it again .. and nothing doing.

  3. You are a wonderful friend to have! Hope that everyone enjoys the party. What better way to enjoy the day than by honoring love and marriage!

    The pictures are out of this world beautiful...

  4. Like Sara, I had to look at the photos enlarged...they are so beautiful! Your dinner sounds yummy. It's wonderful to have a special group of friends to share a special day with. Our dear friends are what I'll miss most with this move...well, maybe I'll miss them second to missing my son.

    Happy Valentine's Day to you and Mr. T!

  5. I remember from a few years ago that some families have a picnic on a blanket in their living room during February to pretend that summer is here.

    Enjoy your wonderful dinner! It sounds scrumptious.

    I'm going to check out the no knead bread...

  6. oh those pictures are really something else!!!!
    your friends are very blessed to have you and mr.t as there friends. you have such a beautiful way of showing love, in all you do, say, and write. happy valentines day!!!

  7. Lovella
    Have a wonderful celebration with your hunny and your friends...your baking sounds just so delicious.

    mama to 6
    one homemade and 5 adopted

  8. Those are amazing sunset shots. Have a wonderful celebration. It is good to love on our friends! Enjoy...

  9. Have a wonderful dinner with your friends! I agree...friends really are a special blessing. Happy Valentine's Day to you!


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