the life of an orchid

A year ago I was given this beautiful orchid as a gift. It bloomed far longer than I would have expected. Finally the blossoms fell off and I continued to water it and touch the moss on occasion to see that it hadn't dried. It continued to enjoy the southern exposure window which has an awning protecting it from the direct sunlight.
When I noticed the stem starting to grow from between the leaves, I ran out and bought some orchid food and fed it.

Then, I noticed the nasty little scales underneath the leaves and asked your advice.
Rather than toss the poor thing .. .. .
I was ruthless in my removal of the little beasts.
I took a warm washcloth and washed each leaf free of its little bugs.

If they come back again I'll consider tossing the orchid but since I don't have a lot of real tropical plants indoors, I don't see how a feel scaly bugs living inside will hurt anything.

It would have been nice to have the camera shoot at hourly intervals ..
but it didn't.

I'm not feeling too bad .. .
I don't have much of a voice and my ears are plugged but I'm not coughing so
I'm not complaining.
Just taking it easy.
I'll put on my pedometer again, and see if I can accomplish a few more steps.
Have a wonderful day mry friends.. .
(rereading this post .. . .it even sounds like my brain is foggy . .. . oh well)


  1. Amazing. I've never known anyone who got an indoor orchid to rebloom.

    A special treat for a special lady.

  2. That is just gorgeous!


  3. Wow! Good going on the orchid. Maybe you can help me with my gardenia tree. It has bugs too and I don't know what to do about it. It hasn't bloomed in 2 years. I might try the washcloth treatment. Thank you.

  4. Your orchid is beautiful. I'm glad you didn't give up on it...reminds me a bit of a Persistent Someone who never gives up on us!

    Once again, I chose an activity that does not allow the steps on my pedometer to accumulate, but I guess it's a different form of exercise. I pruned, weeded, tilled (by hand), and planted four of my plant beds today! I'm all ready for Spring (82 degrees here today). It also gives the house a little curb appeal in hopes of attracting a buyer...

  5. Hope your rest is putting you into perfect health. Praying for you while I rest from my bout of winter cold.

    the pictures of the flowers are lovely, thanks for the breath of spring.

    mama to 6
    one homemade and 5 adopted

  6. oh.. Lovella.. is that 'artifical orchid' that was holding down the fort pot gone now?? I can't believe you really got that gorgeous orchid to bloom!! How beautiful !
    Glad you aren't feeling tooo sick ! Enjoy your rest !

  7. Gorgeous orchid! I think those orchids are more hardy than we are led to believe. I got one for Mother's Day last year and when it finished blooming I set it away and rarely watered it. Next thing I know it has buds and now it has bloomed for almost 3 weeks!(and no bugs) I am pleasantly surprised!
    Hopefully you are on the 'last leg' of your flu, Lovella.

  8. I don't know if I've ever been able to revive any plants. (I prefer silk)
    Good on you!!
    It's amazing how the orchid relates a story to real life eh?
    A simple beautiful object can teach us so many practical things about real life.

  9. Giving me a houseplant is like giving it a death sentence! I can grow almost anything outside, where I have the help of nature, but inside where the poor plants depend on me for survival, not so good. Your orchid is beautiful!

    Hope you are feeling better soon.


  10. it's a beautiful orchid. i should really get one too.

  11. You have a green thumb - my poinsettia is still going strong. I don't have the heart to banish it even though it is out of season.

    Hope you are on the mend.

  12. The orchid is a very pretty yellow. I've never attempted to grow one so I admire your ability to keep it going.

    Take good care of yourself...

  13. That bloom is enough to pick anyone up off their sick-bed! Get well soon.

  14. I pretty much have nothing growing inside, except for a bit of lemon thyme. For some reason, plants do not do well for me if they are in my home. I do OK with my gardens outside, but I think I tend to neglect them once they are in the house. The orchid is beautiful!
    Hope you are feeling much better today!


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