This little bowl and saucer were inherited from my beloved's grandparents. I wonder how old they are ..
Were they collected as a set from gasoline stations at one time .. .
or were they purchased as a whole set.
They just don't make sturdy dishes like this anymore.

Does anyone else have this set?
I have three saucers and 3 bowls.
They help to make the morning ground flax seed with hot oatmeal go down
just a bit easier.
I can't imagine they would have ever guessed how often I think of them when we use these bowls every morning.
Always kind thoughts.
Grandpa .. . .quiet as a mouse.
Grandma .. . .chattering up a storm.

Anyways .. .
just a quick hi this morning. . .
did you have breakfast?
Do you have your pedometer on?
Do you have anything exciting planned for today.
I do actually. . .
I just have to run and have my roots looked at first .. .
and then we're off. . . .
Pop by tomorrow with your bloggy walking stats for the week.
Have a wonderful day my friends.
(oh .. . and imagine my delight at pressing the spell check button and see that it's readjusted it's attitude. . . . .woo hoo it still has issues with some of my words. . .but it's my blog and I'll say bloggy if I want to)


  1. I love old dishes ..especially with sentimental value ! (were those your Mom's parents or your Dad's - the dishes don't look familiar to me)
    Check ou this site..


    and scroll down .. You will see that your 'stamp' was registered in 1912.

    Have a very happy day, Lovella !!

  2. Oh Lovella...are you going to start celebrating a day early?

    You might as well...if your roots can fake it, so can you! Enjoy having fun!

  3. Re: Julie's comment: Did your grandparent's get married around 1912? Perhaps got the "modern" china for their wedding?

    Just a wonder....

  4. Just wanted to stress the importance of eating breakfast. You guys are doing so great with your flax & oatmeal. I'm sure your body is thanking you.

    Some people don't realize that if they DO NOT eat breakfast, their body goes into a starvation mode and holds onto fat with a tight grip. If people want to lose weight, the best thing they can do is eat breakfast, which is burned off through out the day because it gives the body fuel for energy and it re-trains the body to leg go of fat and not store it.

    That's my nursing two bits.

  5. Oh Thank you Julie .. They were Terry's maternal grandparents dishes.. . I'll have to check on their wedding date. My mil being the oldest and born in 36 makes it unlikely that they were married much earlier than that. Maybe it was not new for them .. wow .. that would be neat.

  6. I gave a little cheer this morning when I tried the 'spellcheck' & it actually worked. No more excuses for misspelled words (and I like that blogger spellcheck accepts both the English and US versions...since we Canadians learned to spell like the Brits!).

    I know of what you speak...the quiet Grandfather and the Grandma who was never at a loss for words! The funny thing is that my MIL was a sister to the 'chatty Grandma'...and she was a woman of few words. How nice to have something ordinary (and special) to remember them by!

  7. My breakfast of a warmed pizza sub sandwich and a piece of cherry pie probably wouldn't strike you as a good breaky eh?? I really should follow your example of a wholesome breakfast. Some day i will. Maybe i'll start tomorrow. :-) Have a GREAT day!!

  8. I too love old dishes...I have 2 oblong plates that look somewhat like yours..don't really know where my parents got them but I sure enjoy using them. I'll have to check out that website.
    Your bowls are wonderful and just right for porrige. Do you ever cook steel cut oats? That's what we eat for breakfast with ground and whole flaxseed and blueberries.
    I'm off to finish cleaning the house..

  9. My dad brought home dishes that look very much like that one time. There were eight kids in our family and we must have been hard on dishes because I remember when he brought them home (in the early sixties) he told my mother that maybe they would last awhile. If I remember correctly he got them from a restaurant that was going out of business. Are yours thick? Ours were and I don't think my mother liked them for that reason. She preferred something a little finer. Dad used to tease her and tell her she had champagne taste.

  10. You know Judy. . you mentioning a restaraunt going out of business sounds familiar. . wonder if that is where these came from too. They seem industrial. I've dropped them and they just don't break.
    I think that the dinner plates would have been quite thick and I can see how those would have been tiresome if you were having to hand wash a lot of plates.

  11. i love dishes with a story to tell. i wonder what your bowls would say.......with all the conversations over the years with all the differant people having eaten from them, next time listen, put your ear real close and see what they whisper...;-)
    have a wonderful weekend

  12. Lovella, I love your choice of words to describe Grandma and Grandpa. I've been brought back in time to memories that make me smile!

  13. How lovely it is to be able to use dishes that have a history. I hope you have a great day, Lovella.

  14. I have seen lots of dishes like that at restaurants on the Island - the Mom and Pop type restaurants. And also some churches have them. we have one plate - I'm not sure where it came from. They are really sturdy.

    Your candy treats look yummy - and your pretty toenails look good in those lovely sandals too. I'm going to have to work on mine before the sun is ready to shine on them!

  15. Does your hairdreser only look at your roots or does she sometimes do something about them? I guess only she knows for sure. You can keep the rest of us guessing as you
    continue to look 39...speaking of age, my memory has been jogged about a special day. I think. Happy weekend!

  16. I found a little tidbit for you on the makers of your bowls . . .

    "In the 20th century the firm has been most widely recognised for the "Sol" wares produced between 1912 and 1963 for home and hotel use."

    There was a listing of the various marks for the pottery, and yours appears to have been made in 1912. I love old dishes too, so this was fun to look up!

  17. Those bowls fit in today. I don't remember them, but they sure look trendy.
    So I'm guessing that you're having a birthday. I hope it's better than mine.
    I'm not quite finished blogging about it..
    Have a great day.
    Noticed a gorgeous sunset driving past your place tonight (6pm)and I thought that if I stopped, I would find someone taking pictures??

  18. Those bowls fit in today. I don't remember them, but they sure look trendy.
    So I'm guessing that you're having a birthday. I hope it's better than mine.
    I'm not quite finished blogging about it..
    Have a great day.
    Noticed a gorgeous sunset driving past your place tonight (6pm)and I thought that if I stopped, I would find someone taking pictures??

  19. That's a wonderful way to remember our loved ones...with kind thoughts. I imagine that it would delight your grandparents to no end to know that you're using and enjoying the dishes and thinking happy thoughts of them.

    Julie had some nice information for you! How cool!

    I had breakfast, but it wasn't such a nutritious one...toast, honey, coffee. I'll do better tomorrow.

  20. Your bowls remind me of Bible camp dishes - also the dishes of my childhood church. Nice and thick. I have an old, thick, brown mixing bowl of my grandmother's that brings a smile to me when I use it.

    Vitresol - hmmm - that word sounded to me like the post would be about the car in the shop. Sounds like something to clean an engine with - I'm sure my neighbor has some in his garage :)

    I was way wrong with that guess.

  21. Oh my goodness. I so need my roots looked after. Pedometer is on...

  22. Hey, those dishes look familiar. I think my mom has the same except in a wide, shallow bowl. I am gonna have to take a look next time I'm there.

  23. Thank you for your recent visit to Quill Cottage, I am delighted that you came for a visit! I am returning your call and so glad I did. You have a beautiful blog and I most certainly will be back. I think the flowers on your banner against the black background are stunning and just the perk me up I needed today. Have a blessed weekend!

  24. I get busy for a couple of days and miss a lot of your life! And people think Californians live in the fast lane.

    My pedometer is on. The sun is shining. I'm thinking that since I got me to thinking about dishes and since I never met a dish I didn't like, today is the day to hit some thrift stores and check out their dish/china sections!


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