early morning moment

This morning the sky was blue and though I was nearly too late to capture the sunrise, I put on my slogging boots and headed out to the back to have a moment in the quiet of the day with
Jesus ..
my Saviour and Lord.

I'm shocked again that He would love me so.
Such a sinner. . . .
saved by grace.

I'm so unworthy . .

he knows my deeds ..

he knows everything I say ..

he knows my inner thoughts . . . .

yet He loves me . . .

That is why it is called grace.

I walk back to the house . . . .
with a thankful heart . . .
knowing He loves me . .

He loves you too . . .
no matter what.
Amazing isn't it?

See you tomorrow my friends.


  1. Amen! I've totally been learning a lot about God's grace lately and learning to live with freedom in Christ. Awesome.

  2. Yes, I'm listening to the song "Mercy Saw Me"...

    The years have left scars
    The scars have left pain
    How could HE recognize me?
    I wasn't the same

    ...and He saw my past
    Through merciful eyes
    BEAUTIFUL. That's how mercy saw me.
    Though I was broken and so lost
    Mercy looked past all my faults.

    The justice of God saw what I had done
    But mercy saw me through the SON
    Not what I was but what I could be
    That's how mercy saw me.

    The song is perfectly complementing your post and vice versa. Thank you!

  3. God's Grace is indeed amazing! Your thoughts and the sunrise photos are beautiful.

  4. I just found your spot. The pictures are breath taking beautiful. I agree with every word you said. I felt as though I had been to church. Thank-you so much for your hospititaly.....Smiles....(my spot is http://daisybouquet.blogspot.com
    come by for a cup of tea.

  5. So true...His amazing grace!

    And beautiful words in the song Vee left! He sees us through eyes of mercy...past all of our faults.


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