pass a hankie please

Better just leave the stack.

My pedometer is firmly attached to the remote .. .

it's seeing more movement than my legs . ..

(it's not near as bad as I make it out to be . . .I'm not even coughing)
I'll be back to post my weekly walking results tomorrow.

Have a wonderful day my friends.


  1. Those hankies are just too pretty to use!

    My pedometer was on all day yesterday, but crawling around on my hands and knees while working in the garden did nothing for the count...but, gosh, I'm sore all over today!

  2. Very pretty!!

    I can't bring myself to use handkerchiefs like that for their intended purpose. They're just too lovely. I just use plain Kleenex or the Kleenex with lotion if my nose gets sore. I hope you're tucked up nice and warm with a hot drink and a good movie. Maybe this flu bug will give your knee a good rest too.Walking can come next week.

  3. That's the most charming way of expressing what's going on with you that I've ever read. How discreet! You're a doll!

    The hankies are a lovely collection!

  4. Are those really yours? Did your grandmother make those for you? I have not seen real hankies in our house since we've been married.
    I remember my first communion with John after we were married and I didn't know that you needed a white hanky to accept the bread...
    I hauled out a Kleenex and felt like I was an insult in his church. He was from GC and I was MB

  5. Marg .. .a few of them are mine, the rest were my mom's.

    I smiled at your early marriage memory. I'm MB too and wouldn't have known that.

    I'm not actually using them . . .soft kleenex with lotion is far more my style.

  6. LOVE the hankies, Lovella!!
    I actually use hankies but not the pretty dainty ones. There is always one in my walking pants, rain coat, purse,etc. The pretty ones are put away in a drawer somewhere...

  7. Such pretty hankies!
    Sorry to hear you are under the weather... I can relate as I too am using my share of kleenex with lotion this week :)

  8. Poor Lovella~ I am sending you oodles of health and getbetterness (actual medical terminology...)
    The hankies are fabulous though! I hope you will be well enough to virtually attend the Painting the Town Red party coming up!

  9. beautiful hankies lovella, i got some from my oma.......we couldn't have communion without them........hope you are feeling better

  10. That is so interesting - I wonder.. where does that tradition originate? I still have a hankie (yes, singular) from my grandma but have no idea if there's a story behind it - it's sitting pretty in my drawer.

  11. I collect old hankies, and always have one in my pocketbook. I don't know WHY I said "pocketbook"...isn't that a funny name? It's what my mom and memere always called their purse! Funny how those things come back to you, isn't it?


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