choir leader or bully

Yesterday this eagle sitting on top of the power pole was amusing us. Clearly, he was in charge.

We wondered what all the cawing of the crows was about and wondered about the attititudes of all involved.

Were the crows saying

.. . ."oh look here comes the great eagle .. .isn't he grand .. .give him the best vantage point .. . we are nothing but scavenger crows"

or perhaps .. .

"we better let eagle have his way or we'll feel the swipe of his mighty wing"

and the eagle was thinking .. .

"move over you srawny noisy little beasts . . . I'm here and clearly more beautiful and loved by all"


" hey there little fellas, what's happening here on the farm .. . you guys are here all the time, I don't want to intrude, just stopping by,

would you join me in your lovely cawing voices for a song?'

Kind of makes me wonder of my attitude.

.. . sitting in a wating room at the doctors office the line up at the check out.

.....when a salesclerk simply can't figure out how to ring something up

.....when trying to phone in an order and the person on the other line can't speak english very well.

I do wonder. . . do I think I'm the eagle or the crow?

Oh Lord, I know I'm guilty of this .. .

forgive me and help

me to see






Oh and this is yesterday with the sun setting across from the berry field.
I love the autumn glow on the brown canes and trees.

This was the sunset in the west.

This was about the time that we decided to go to the Spaghetti Factory.
It was yummy in spite of the fact that I couldn't taste it very well.
I was going on memory. . .

I took 2 nightime sinus advils and the next thing I know .. .
its today.

So, my stepper will be on again today, even though it doens't think there is much point.
Moving from the couch to the other couch is still stepping.

Oh and my beloved promised me a ride to the truck supply store. . .
It's all good.
Have a wonderful day my friends.


  1. Good morning Lovella. Hope you will be feeling better soon.

    Wasn't the sky last night amazing? I said to the kids, it's like the sky got a black eye. It was so many colours.

    We didn't see you guys at the Chilliwack Heritage Park for their John Deere Days yesterday. It runs today and tomorrow too. Our kids really like the humungous tractors and the free hotdogs.

    Have a good day and rest up.

  2. The pictures are so lovely! I can't believe how often you see eagles! The photo of the mountain yesterday was so beautiful too! It's nice to have blogs to look at when our own scenery isn't so interesting. :)

  3. Such beautiful photos....and humorous dialog among crows and eagle...and a very good point to it all. And also very creative word placement/shapes on this post....I like it.

    Hope your cold will start dissipating very soon so you can taste food again, at least!

  4. That eagle looks a little too big for his perch...great pictures! I'm trying to think of where I was as the sun was setting...I missed that one.

    Enjoy your couch day...this too shall pass!

  5. The dialogue between eagle and crow was fun and thought-provoking.

    Your photography is exquisite! That first photo is beyond gorgeous.

  6. hope you're feeling better soon Lovella!

    Beautiful sky and eagle photos!

  7. Sorry you got hit! I hope you are better soon. The photos are glorious!!

  8. And then the eagle ate one of the crows...
    ( I was expecting that to be the next line. Ewww.)

    Sorry you are having a bout of stuffy head. Hope you feel better soon, and no one else got germies on the trip to the airport, right?

  9. Oh.. I was laughing at your eagle and crow story .. until it suddenly got personal.. Ouch!!
    Good lesson there !

    Beautiful photos as usual !!

    And I'm sorry you had to enjoy your dinner out tasting from memory ... Makes me wonder how our Grandmother enjoyed food all her life when she had no sense of smell.
    Again how thankful we need to be for how our body works when it is working good !!! smile

    Get well fast !!!

  10. hope you're feeling better soon. you have given me thoughts to ponder today - how often am i the eagle??

  11. Beautiful pics, Lovella. I, too, thought the eagle-crow conversation was first. My toes are hurting a bit now.

    I do hope you'll be over this cold soon. When I had my cold last month, I wasn't able to taste food, either...I managed to lose 6 pounds! (I've unfortunately gained it back, however...)

  12. Wow what a good post, Lovella. Now I'm left to I more like the eagle or the crow, thought provoking for sure! And your photograhy is amazing!
    Get better soon! And getting out of the house helps too.

  13. hope you feel better real soon. your pics are just beautiful. lots of good pondering.
    what is the point of eating if you can't taste, that is too bad.

  14. Last night's sunset was amazing. I was just bringing my little friend home and I thought of you in the western end of the valley as I viewed the most spectacular sunset in a long time.
    I can't take pictures while I drive, meanwhile my camera was at home.
    Your post is very reflective. Interesting how we can find the importance of life in the little things.
    Hope you'll be feeling better soon.

  15. Seems that somehow you have contracted my cold through the computer screen. So sorry about that. I'll have to stop sneezing on my keyboard.

  16. Did you and Jeff Bucknam talk before you wrote this post? This goes along with his sermon this weekend. It was a great reminder to me that I'm the "urine soaked kid" but God still picked me. Hopefully you heard the sermon this weekend or that will sound really strange. :)


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