staying home and being good

He's They're back.
Oh . . . it was fantastic to see smiling faces.
We reminded the lil' farm hand who we were ..
and he was good with that.
We brought them all back here for lunch before they headed home from the farm.
I had a moment of dejavu when I heard the rustling of bags and gifts were passed out.
My parents never came home from their far away trips without bringing us
It started out when we were younger as
"gifts for staying home and being good". . .
and later it was just because.
So, besides some petty yummy South American candy. . .
I got not one pair but two new pair of flip flop sandals.

This morning the sun is shining and I took them out to show them what Canadian sunshine feels like this time of year. . . .
they wanted to go back in .. .
poor things.

Oh .. .and did you see the moon eclipse last night.
Pretty amazing show .. put on by our creator Himself. .

All is well in my neck of the woods today .. .
I'm off for a ladies luncheon.

My pedometer is on and I'll get my walk in before it's time to go.
Have a wonderful day my friends.


  1. Oh what fun. Love the flip flops. Have a wonderful day...

  2. Great looking sandals/flops! I really am intrigued by the candy, though.

    Do you know how to take pictures of eclipses and the moon? I'm scouting for help.

  3. Love the flip flops! So glad all is well in your neck of the woods today! Have a glorious Thursday!


  4. Oh.. I'm soo glad they are home safe !!
    And so funny about the flipflop's indoor preference !
    Just tell them we'll warm up!

    yes, I did see the moon elipse! I love God's shows!

    may your heart be filled with song today!

  5. As soon as I saw the candy, it brought back memories of gifts from Brazil ... especially those big round ones! But no one in our family goes there any more...
    actually maybe a good thing, I'm trying to be good too! Don't forget to offer some to Monica.

  6. Cute sandals! It won't be too much longer before they're ready to go outside.

    Isn't it a wonderful feeling to have family back home nearby, safe and sound?

  7. Well then, looks like you are all ready for your next adventure, at least shoe wise. What a thoughtful gift.
    Do you wish they had also brought you a Brazil style swim suit for the aboved mentioned adventure? Maybe they did...and you were too shy to show it off! Heehee hee.

  8. Love the neat you could be on the receiving end this time, Lovella! Did the little guy have a tan too??
    Oh my that eclipse of the moon was a great show of God's handiwork!
    I have some cooking/baking to do..surprising someone by bringing supper today!

  9. cute sandals lovella, on very cute feet.
    those chocolate balls are wonderful. i love those, we always get some when we get company from paraguay. you can buy them here in manitoba at a specialty shop but i don't dare. the moon was amazing. how can any one wonder if there is a God when you see such splendor.

  10. Love the jandals! (just a little Kiwi for ya) I wish we could buy Havainas (sp?) cheap in our area of the world. How long before sandal weather?

  11. Those flip flops and chocolates look like they are from my neck of the woods. Were your kids on a missions trip or visiting family? I know many will not be happy with me for saying this, but I am getting tired of flip flops and am looking forward to wearing jeans again.

  12. Isn't he just the cutest?
    Big smiles and chuckles from ear to ear.
    You sure wear a nice pedicure in winter...

  13. Cute flip flops! I had to laugh at their wanting to go back inside. They'll get used to our wonderful summers though, and never want to go back to that ol' hot South America! ;)

  14. Treats for staying fun! Great flip all you need is a sandy beach and a good book and you're all set (warmer temperatures would help as well).

    I took pictures of the moon last night...I'm afraid they would have needed a lot of explanation, so they have been deleted! What a beautiful moon it was.

  15. The new sandals are beautiful!!! I'm glad the trip was safe and all is well.

    The eclipse was awesome! I enjoyed it very much.



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