I'm gearing up for our anniversary next week .. .
(this is not our anniversary post)
I'm just having so much fun going through all our old slides. The hairstyles, the glasses, the clothes .. . oh my.
I did find this little gem from the summer of 1994.
Our church had a "brides of the decades fashion show".
It was absolutely the funnest event. It gave us girls a chance to wear our wedding dresses in church one more time.
The bride on the left is my friend Flo modeling her wedding gown and her daughter Stephanie is modeling her grandmothers wedding gown.
My mom made my wedding gown and veil and hand stitched on all the yards of lace. I've tried it on literally dozens of times and the funny thing is . . .
every time I mentally reconstruct it to be in today's styles.
When is the last time you tried on your wedding gown?
Do you still have it?
I'll have a few more wedding pictures over the next week to amuse you with.
I'm off for my walk. Do you have your pedometer on?
Have a wonderful day my friends.


  1. i love that picture. it is so nice to try it on and it still fitting..;-)
    i still love the style of my dress. i personally am not terrible fond of the strapless wedding dresses that seem to be so popular today.
    your mom was an amazing seamstress, i am sure that is were you got your gofting from.
    i have sewn a weebit but would never imagine to try something of that calliber...........not without a nervous breakdown in the process......i am all thumbs.
    still inder the weather today and not chicken soup is cooked and paska on the rise. i'll let you know how your recipe turns out for me. won't my family be happy that i am "sick" and not working.

  2. How fun! My granddaughters were playing dressup awhile back & thought Grammy should dress-up like a princess also. My only princess dress was my wedding I gave it a try. I managed to get into it (with great difficulty)...but getting it off was another story!

    Here's my question...which anniversary are you celebrating next week?

  3. My wedding dress still fits but those lacy sleeves are so itchy!
    A beautiful dress, Lovella! It is fun to try them on once in awhile. My granddaughter has tried it on too and she says the sleeves are really itchy...I never noticed that on my wedding day!!
    I'm off to make perogies today, paska tomorrow..
    My pedometer is on, I did have to take it off for aquasizing though..

  4. What an awesome picture! My dear Mother in Love made my wedding dress and keeps it stored in her closet. (for 27 years!). I haven't even looked at it since the day I took it off. I doubt very seriously I can get it on. I think I was a size 5 when I got married and I'm now a 10. Hmmmm.

  5. I love weddings.. and I love wedding dresses even though I have sewed so many of them ! but there is something about a bride I never tire of .. even 'after the fact' !! smile
    maybe ESPECIALLY after the fact--thankful that they are still married !!!

    You look beatiful in your gown and I LOVE your veil !!

    And yes, I still have my gown but regretfully it received some damage when our rental home early in our marriage flooded and damaged a lot of our stuff. But I still have the marriage and that is really the important part, right?

  6. You look adorable in your dress!
    And it still fits you? Good girl!

    I still have "our" twinsey wedding dress, although I do rather like your hemline better than mine. It would have made me look a tad shorter if I had that extra flounce.

    Have you read about the girls who have "wear your gown" parties? Everyone comes, and if your a bit too big for your gown, you just wear a tank top under the gown and leave it unzipped in the back. One woman said her daughter returned from her honeymoon in time to attend her "first" wear your gown party.

    This year I *might* wear my gown in a field of bluebonnets for a picture. How fun. I still think my mom's wedding dress was the most stylish I have ever seen, and wish she hadn't cut it up to use for a slip.

  7. This picture always makes me laugh! That sure was fun for me though being able to fit in my grandma's dress made me feel so grown up. She also made the dress herself. Still not so sure about my hair?:) I really wish I could fit into my wedding dress but unfortunately having a baby did some damage to my body! That and I don't think I will ever get down to the 105lbs. that I was at my wedding! There is no give at all in that dress with all that boning and all. Oh well I will just have to look at it in my closet every once in a while. Sigh.

  8. Oh I SO remember the "Brides of the Decades" event...I loved it, and oh, that is a great picture! My wedding dress is still up at "home" in my parent's closet. It's too hard to move a big poof of a dress! I like to open the closet though, almost every time I go home to take a peak at it. Maybe someday (after all my kids) I'll be able to fit back in it. =)

  9. We've done this as church ladies as well...for Valentine's. We hung all the dresses in a room and had the husbands come in and try to figure out whose dress was whose - lot of fun! Very interesting when some hubbys couldn't find their own bride's dress! :)

  10. Yes, My mother also made my wedding dress and I think it cost $99.
    I have kept it and I also kept my mothers' wedding dress after she passed away.
    Like my sister said, "That dress means committment."
    How Fun!

  11. What fun! This is such a great photo!

    Sad to say, but my wedding gown doesn't fit anymore. The last time I had it out was just before my daughter's wedding. My mother made mine, but my daughter wanted one that was all her own. Plus, I'm about five inches shorter than my daughter, and I'm afraid the dotted swiss just didn't appeal to her!

  12. Oh what fun. The last time I had my wedding dress out my daughter tried it on and it fit her. It would never fit me now...
    Looking forward to your anniversary post and yes my pedometer is on...

  13. trying on wedding dresses is always fun! i have a picture of me wearing my mom's dress when i was about 4 or 5, and i just swam in it! the only other time i've tried on dresses is one day when charlotte and i hit up a few bridal shops in town, and i tried them on for the fun of it! needless to say the ones she wanted me to try on and the ones i wanted to try on were a bit different in style. (no strapless ones, though). i even tried on charlotte's dress :) such fun!

  14. I SO remember the "Brides of the Decades" event too! That was so much fun to watch. I loved it! As for my wedding dress...I have it in the closet but being 1/2 way thru a 2nd doesn't fit. I know that a friend of mine mentioned that eventually we should gather a couple of friends and head down to the Tim Hortons in our wedding dress...just for fun!

  15. What a beautiful dress your mother made! Your friend's dress is almost exactly like mine. My sleeves were all lace and fitted, but everything else is the same. I cannot wear my dress anymore. It was a size 8, but I am no longer a size 8.

  16. I put mine on still every now and again. I love the fact that you and Flo both fit yours years after the fact. That's something I aspire to do throughout the years to come. So far so good. But then again, it's only been 8 years this year.

  17. I usually put mine on for each anniversary. This year, it just didn't happen! My twin and I shared one dress. My mom sewed sleeves for it for my Dec. wedding and Kori took them off for her June wedding! Back then people were quite shocked that we wore the same dress. Now they are just shocked that we shared a dress and didn't have our own! I think it's pretty neat that we could both agree on one dress!

  18. I put my wedding gown on for my 25th wedding anniversary - it has an empire waist - so it still fit!

    Your gown is gorgeous - and that sounds like a fun event but I wonder how many of my friends would fit into those gowns!!

  19. That's too fun! I used to put mine on every anniversary but sadly mine is of the very tiny waist variety and well, that tiny waist is just not so tiny anymore. :(
    But I do still have it and will keep it forever.

  20. Such pretty brides! I've been married twice and never had a wedding gown. : ( My first dress was a prom dress on the clearance rack I got for $15 in 1979!! The second one was a suit. I no longer have either. I guess I get to admire everyone else's! : )


  21. I didn't have a wedding gown...don't cry for me, Argentina...and, if I had had one, I wouldn't fit in it today. I admire all you gals who can! (My wedding dress was a halter top with a little bolero style lace jacket.)

    Your wedding dress is beautiful by any standards as is your friend's and her mother's, too.

    What a great idea for a fun event for the gals at church. Some churches know how to enjoy some fun!

  22. Hi Lovella, I think we may have met before through the Gibbs, i am Andrea, married to Karlee's cousin Quinton, also you sometimes post on my good friend Lisa's blog :)Anyway I saw your blog about the wedding dresses and I thought that was so great! Lisa and I have always talked about how much fun it would be to have a wedding dress tea party so we can wear our wedding dresses again. What is it that is so appealing about getting fancied up once and while?

  23. What a great event and all of you look smashing in your wedding attire. Of course Lovella, you always look radiant!

    mama to 6
    one homemade and 5 adopted

  24. Wow - I don't think I've put my dress on again since that day!! I'm not sure that I would still fit into it either! I will have to show Grandma that her dress is on your blog - she will be thrilled - she was a tiny bride. I loved how you did my hair - I could never do it as good (or as poofy!) as when you did it for me - good times - Love, Flo


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