bloggy walking club .. week #5

Here are my results for week #5. I did better than last week but not as good as my first three weeks. However ... I have felt aside from occasional knee soreness . .which seems to be slowly improving .. I also am feeling stronger.
I was actually amazed that this was week #5 already. I certainly haven't lost any weight but I have noticed that my circulation has improved. My legs are swelling a bit less.
Woo hoo.
How about you? I really want to know who is in this with me.
I'm excited to know if you have noticed any difference since the walking club began.
Please tell me if you want the walking club to continue.
I'm going to look back this week and see who had joined ..
please don't tell me we have drop outs already.
Today, we are stuck in the fog. The most frustrating part of fog is that you know that just above the fog is the sunshine. My beloved has gone out to wash vehicles this morning, hoping that the sun will eventually break through and dry the road enough to keep it from mucking up the vehicle when we go out later.
Me? Well, you can find me doing my Saturday stuff .. the sheets are in the wash and the piles of laundry are sorted and the bungalow will be clean by the end of the day. I certainly won't be baking another chocolate cake. Yikes, it was a arduous task eating the rest of that cake. . but someone had to do it.

Do enjoy your weekend and we'll see you back here on Monday.


  1. Were those blooms THIS year ? Wow, you are ahead of us .. but that gives me hope..surely we won't be far behind.
    Have a wonderful day, Lovella!

  2. Yes Julie. . I found them at gas station. Being surrounded by ashpalt, they are probably a bit quicker than we are on the farm too.

  3. I'm still in there with you, Lovella, but I must confess that my pedometer wasn't at my side much this week. With all of the packing and lifting, I'd either forget to wear it or I kept knocking it off. (I'm ready for this move and everything related to that to be over!)

    Of the little time I did manage to wear it, I averaged 4500 steps. Pathetic. ;)

  4. Yes, I am definitely still in the Walking Club. Like you, I have noticed that I am a big stronger and it sure feels great. I have lost a few pounds too, but I've also cut back a bit on my eating most of the the time with a nice satisfying splurge every now and then. I would have gladly helped you out with that chocolate cake!!

    My average this week is 8211 steps. I'm discovering my goal of 10,000 a day is perhaps just slightly ambitious, though I still hope to work up to that in the next few weeks. 10,000 steps is five miles for my length of stride.

    Thank you again for getting this started....I'd still be sitting on my duff all day if you hadn't!


  5. I've made my goal so far this week -- 7.5 minutes a day on the bike along with my stretches. I think I should stick to that same goal for one more week before upping it to 10 minutes. I'm definately so glad to be exercising, and I think it does help!

  6. you bet my lovely lovella, i'm still in. i'm even thinking of getting a treadmill (or did i mention that already). my friend said that she would go with me since she knows a guy who can get me a good deal. it is good to know the right people who have connections.;-). i love the blooms, they give me hope that soon we will be out of this deep freeze.

  7. Lovella,
    I'm still in and I hope the Walking Club continues. Posting on Saturday helps keep me accountable.

    My week total was 8,220, down a little from last week. My excuse is that I sat in a vehicle for 8 hours two of the days, and spent more time sitting in a rocking chair staring at the New Boy. :)

    A question: I keep track of my steps all seven days of the week, so I've been averaging on the seven days. I noticed that you are using five days. Do you choose your five highest of the seven, are just not count steps on the weekend?

  8. Willow, I only wear my pedometer 5 days. The other days I still walk and try to keep active but it's a bit of a break for obvious reasons. It really doesn't matter to me how anyone wants to average their best days. The goal is for all of us to get more fit .. however that works best.

  9. I'm with you...but don't have a pedometer! Dave and I walk with my sister and hubbie 6-7 evenings each week for 40-60 minutes. I have finally started to notice some changes. Kori and I were just complaining that our walk should be getting easier but it seems like it's just as hard as day 1! I have also found that I sleep so much better after a good walk!

  10. I'm still walking away and my pedometer came today. Don't give up! I think for those of you that have had harsher weather it's more of a challenge but still important for us ladies to keep moving...
    My walking post is up...

  11. I;m still in. Little achy with cold this week. Only averaged about 5,000. Spring and gardening are ahead - whoo hoo. Your Saturday check in is a good reminder - for better or worse.

  12. Sounds as if we have the same sorts of Saturday chores. I always change sheets on Saturday.

    Are those flowers blooming in real time? (Because if they are, I'm more than jealous.)

    I love that you can tell that you are getting stronger with all the walking. It's got to be a great feeling!

  13. No way I'm not a drop out! Just got back from a holiday and had a wonderful time! I even wore my pedometer!
    Last week's average steps..10937 and this week..11162
    It was good to catch up on your posts, Lovella.
    I missed you..

  14. Happy Saturday! It's Sunday evening here, and the sun is shining ... yay! How's the "lil farmhand" doing down south? Hope everyone's well!

  15. I'm with you Lovella - although, as they say, the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak!

    I'm starting my first session with our First Place Sunday School class this morning. An added motivation. Apparently I need all the help I can get.

    Our roads have been icy and snow-covered. You can't walk on them at all - we had 5 people fall at a funeral this week. 1 broke her arm;another sprained her wrist. So we're all being careful.

    But walking outside doesn't matter to me - my friend "Leslie Sansone" arrived in the mail. I'm all set.


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