it's friday

. ..oddly, I have not much to report today.
it must be post valentine sluggishness. ..
Oh, but I did pick up these little cactus plants at Ikea yesterday.
I thought they were quite cute and they can live on my south kitchen exposure window.
I bought them to remind me to live a life of sensitivity in my spirit . . .
not "prick .. .i .. . ly and touch .. .y!!!"
Do you need to put a cactus plant on your window sill?
Or is it just me that struggles with this?
I'm hoping they live as long as it takes me to learn this.
yada yada yada

Oh .. .and then when my beloved was fueling up the vehicle, I spotted this little bush .. .
flowering. I ran across to capture it's little blossoms to take home.
And then later on when we were back home and watching the hockey game/Survivor/and Apprentice ..
eating pizza .. . enjoying the evening. .
we kept looking at our chocolate stash and wondering how many steps it would take for each tasty morsel.

I don't even have pictures of all of it..
the chocolate cake had already been consumed.

We had the most delightful day, no stress, just comfortable companionship with the one I love.

So, tomorrow is count your steps day ..
oh vey. ..
I've done better.
I'm going to bring that average up next week and maybe even today a pinch.

Oh and I also thought about my sis in law D who's birthday it is today. .
I'm off to count how old she IS.. . .
I hope she has a delightful day. .

And you too.

See you tomorrow with your stats.


  1. hmmm.. now THERE'S an exercise program that would appeal to me ! back and forth to the chocolate box !!
    and your cactuss lesson is well noted !!

    For feeling you had not much to say .. you put together a great post !! as usual !!

  2. the flowering bush is so pretty! i wish spring was a bit more advanced down here. Oh well. One of these days something will appear!

  3. I'm ready for a little flowering seems like winter is hanging around longer than usual! Your blooms are lovely.

    It sounds like you had a wonderful V-day...and I am reminded that I forgot to record Survivor and Apprentice again.

  4. Oh, that chocolate looks so good! I like the idea of walking to get each piece...maybe you should place the box in the farthest corner of your house to up those steps...

  5. Oh man I'm having the post Valentine blahs..
    I haven't stepped worth counting today...
    Enjoy your steps and chocolate. :)

  6. Um, Lovella, darling, uh, I think the arrangement of the cacti takes on a bit too phallic notion. Maybe it's just me. Maybe it's cause I'm a nurse and have been dealing with my patient's, uh, parts and found a similarity. Either way, I found the picture outrageously amusing, especially on Valentines week!

  7. I have a yard full of I'm reminded every single day! : )
    The chocolates looks decadent! I may have to scrounge to find some chocolate here! Take care!


  8. Nice to take a look into your world...Jennifer

  9. Hey Lovella,
    Just thought I'd say a quick "hi!" and see what's been happening out your way. I'm glad to see you have a good selection of chocolate. We've been eating a fair number of treats here too, but mostly the "I remember these" variety, not Purdy's. We're in Palmerston North tonight, in case you're checking your weather log ... most of the sky is overcast but there are some gorgeous hues being created by the sunset. We're hoping for more sun again tomorrow.
    Love ya! Say hi to Mr. T for us.

  10. ooh, are those purdy's smoothies? my FAVOURITES!! i think i could use a cactus in my window too :)


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