first day back at work

The lil' farm hand showed up for work again yesterday after his much needed vacation.
We initially thought he was asking for a couple weeks off rather early in his employment but that little guy has quite a way with his employer and off he went. . .
with a smirk on his face.
Yesterday's job was not for the faint of heart. . .
it's a good thing he has a strong constitution.
He took him out to see what his grandpa was working on.
He practiced making sounds by gently putting his lips together and then flapping them.
How is it that little boys know how to make motor sounds by the time they are two months old?
After awhile I talked him into helping Grammie for a bit.
We walked to get the mail.

His job was to rest up and be adorable.

We made sure we were back in time for the all important coffee break.
He took his work boots off and soaked up some vitamin D and kicked in the "fresh spring air".

Later on I packed up his paska to take home. . . .
along with a batch of special paska icing.

When the sun sets and the day is as wonderful as that,
I feel very blessed.

My pedometer is on again .. .
I need to run to the market and buy some more paska making ingredients .. .
there are a few freezers that are begging to be filled.

Have a wonderful day my friends.


  1. Ok..those are the cutest sneakers ever!
    Glad you got to enjoy the lil' farm hand for the day. Our littlest blessing is also two months old - so much fun now that she's responding to our voices and the other crazy noises we make to get her attention!

  2. So glad you could have your grandson over to share the smells, sights, sounds & tastes? (paska...yum!) of life on the farm. You've got me thinking about pulling out my paska recipe now!

  3. You gotta are you going to keep him down on the farm, once he's seen Pairee?

    (Or Brazil for that matter.)

    Love his little pants!

  4. What adorable little work mud on those at the end of a hard day! Such a little cutie!

    Your journal of a day at work and the photos are just too precious... indeed, you are blessed!

  5. Such priceless pictures.
    They sure dress the children nicely today don't they. Not that I didn't dress them so cutely, but they were in sleepers during the week and on Sunday's was dress-up day.
    Keep enjoying the little ones.

  6. Looks like you're having fun.

  7. I knew those little boots would do the trick! Your little guy and my little guy both have the same ones but mine has out grown his. He is growing at a much faster speed than his older sister did. The look on your face says it all...a happy Grammie. Terry's face too was full of much content. Aren't these little ones just such joy givers! The BATCHES of cinnamon buns I baked for this past weekend were all eaten. Last year Summer helped me bake paska, and so I too will have to pull out the recipe and have those two little hands join mine in the dough....and of course enjoy the flour powder we wear with delight. Enjoy baking and especially sharing your paska with your family. Sharing it is the most fun part. Enjoy! Kathy

  8. Thanks for sharing your day with lil'farm hand with us Lovella! He is adorable!
    I keep hearing paska, must check to see if I have all the ingredients.
    I just pulled the last pan of gingersnaps from the oven..

  9. Happy belated, Lovella! Farmboys 58th b-day is today, so we are off and running!
    LOVE the baby pics!

  10. Oh the sweetness of it all!
    The photos are great Lovella.
    My mom is going to be in Dallas before Easter so all us daughters of hers are on our own to make Kulich(Paska) this year. It still seems like a daunting task for me...we'll see what happens.

  11. what a sweetie!!

    I'm enjoying being a great-auntie - almost as much fun but not quite.

    I will have to start working on those married boys of mine!!

  12. He's a cutie pie and growing like crazy! The smile on your face tells all and the adoration on his grandfather's...

  13. What a cute blog post! Your Lil farm hand is so adorable.

    My son asked last night if I was going to make that "Easter" bread again this year. He was referring to the Paska recipe I got from your blog last year!



  14. Canada and no heavy jackets? Tank tops, sitting out on the porch with a sweet baby, man I need to move!

    Looks like a wonderful day. Sending you a big hug Lovella-you are such a thoughtful sweet friend.

    mama to 6
    one homemade and 5 adopted

  15. What a lovely day! And you are right...spending time with those we love is a HUGE blessing. I love the last picture, the way the sun is setting/hidden behind the clouds. Looks like Abbotsford is having some fabulous spring weather...I'm excited to come home next week!!

  16. How about I just say ditto to all of the above comments !!!
    You had a wonderful day and I especially love your last photo with the evening light behind Bea and the lil' farm hand !!


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