super bowl and sunday socks

Don't you love the argyle socks?
Knee highs.
I'm still smirking today.
So, yesterday was the super bowl and I asked the appropriate question at family brunch .. .
Who are we cheeering for?
I was told by our eldest . ..
"the Giants".
"fine by me" .. .I said.
I have some mighty nice people that read my blog from those parts.
Here is my geographical confession for the day.
This morning I went online to find out where exactly New England is.
So . . . I have some mighty fine people reading my blog from New England too ..
but yesterday I didn't know that.
After the Sunday afternoon napping was completed by the smallest participants,
the crowd thinned out considerably.
Mutterings .. . of "going home to watch it on our TV" was heard as they headed out the door.
I kept yelling .. .."what's wrong with our nice square proper sized television".
Ah, it's all good.
My beloved and I settled in to watch the game and the "American" commercials (thanks Terrence for pointing out that we could find an American channel for this south of the border treat).
We waited the appropriate length of time to pull out the appetizer goodies that I had the good sense to stop and buy on Friday.
Near the end of the game when my knuckles were turning white, I looked at my beloved and said. . . "are you cheering for the opposing team?" . .. I said in disbelief.
He looked at me and said .. . ."aren't you?"
I said. . .no .. . .Terrence said we were to cheer for the Giants.
No, he didn't hear that and was so relieved to find out in the end that the team he was cheering for in the last five minutes of the game won.
Oh yeah, we are BIG sports enthusiasts and proud of it.
I do want to point out that at no time did I ever blurt out .. . who is winning.
It says it right at the top left corner of the screen and I keep my eye on that so that my conversation relating to the game can seem intelligent at all times.
So, my knee has rested for the weekend, and it thinks it's good to go.
We'll see. I'm off for my walk,
have a wonderful day my friends.
oh boy .. . spelcheq isent wurkin yeat so exquese thim ther misseteaks agin.


  1. I'm still choked up about the Super Bowl and now you've got me choked laughing over your confession that you didn't know where New England was. Thanks for the fun!

    Oh, yes, I do love argyle socks and most especially on sweet little baby legs.

  2. Didn't really know who to cheer for but decided I would go for the underdog...and they won!
    Now if this had been the Grey Cup I know who I would have been cheering for...
    Oh those little "feeties" are so cute!

  3. it is rather emabarrasing isn't it? I sort of knew where it was but the exactness of it was very vague. shoot.

  4. It sounds like you were about as informed as I about the Superbowl! I hadn't a clue who was playing, so it mattered not to me who won...however, in the end I was happy that the underdogs took the game. I was working on a baby afghan & 'hearing' the game, rather than watching...and I cranked it up good and loud for the half-time show. I rather like Tom Petty and I'm still singing "I won't back down".

  5. Apparently the team to root for around here is which ever team has the cutest single QB. Or cutest single any position.
    I had no idea. And they don't post that information on the little box at the top of the screen either.

  6. Superbowl has always been huge around here. There is always some kind of big party with lots of yummy food. I never know who to cheer for or who is playing. After all these years, you'd think I would get into it already. I do however get into the food. My husband always goes for the underdogs and everyone else goes for the other team. My husband was the happy one yesterday. GO GIANTS !! (I think)
    That artichoke dip was scrumptious.

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  8. I'd watch your blog version of the super bowl anytime over the real thing !! I'm still LOL.
    I didn't know who was playing and I don't know who won .. so count me ignorant or take pleasure in the fact that you are much more knowledgeable than me !!
    Either way ,, I LOVED the argyle socks... the little feet inside of them win over any sports event!!

    So glad your knee is better ! Enjoy your walking !!

  9. Hi, I stopped by to say hello.
    Mama Bear

  10. My poor husband is a big Patriots fan.

    Love the little socks.

    Don't overdo on that knee.

  11. Well, I tend to cheer for a team based on my hubby's choices, and both of his teams were knocked out earlier so were not playing. Like a lot of Americans, I was watching it for the commercials, and most of those were pretty lame.

    I think I'd rather look at cute little feet wearing argyle socks rather than what was on TV last night!

  12. Cute socks, I agree.
    But it's true! At our house, we root for the cutest quarterback, and that is definately Tom Hottie-McBrady. (Tom Brady for you non-Mc fans!). And so here I sit broken hearted that the Hottie lost. So sad. At least he got to be consoled by his hot supermodel girlfriend, Gisele.
    (My heart truly belongs to the Chargers and McScrumptious Philip Rivers, but they weren't in it, so....) You are welcome to "Poor Baby" my dear mother for having to hear me whooping and hollering for a good 5 hours (1 hour was dedicated to just singing obnoxiously "San Di-ego, Super Chargers... San Di-ego! CHHHHAAAARRGGGERRRSSS!!!) Poor mommy. We never grow up, do we?

  13. Ahhhhh, but... The best man won. ,-)


  14. That was hilarious! thanks, I really needed a chuckle today, and your wonderful post sure put a smile on my face! :)

  15. Oh, was there a ball game on yesterday? Baseball, basketball, or football? Just kidding.

    TV sports watching is something The Professor and I do together. He watches the games and I knit or spin. I call it parallel play.

  16. This south-of-the-border citizen watched as little of the game as I could get away with! CT kept me updated (not that I knew what he was talking about) DID get interesting at the end though, even I could figure that much out! I always like the underdog to win.

    Yeah, I'm singing the "San Di-ego super CHAR-gers!" song right along with Laura, because it is still stuck in my brain from when I used to live there.

  17. First thing I said to my 60 year old was to tape the game for Sunday.
    Company came and went all afternoon from babies, to grandparents to puppies.
    When all was over I sat down with my new 60 year old and enjoyed his favorite beverage with our new wine glasses and watched the game.
    Manning is an awesome young quarter back.
    Yea Giants.
    I love those socks.

  18. There was a game on? I thought everyone came over to visit and eat great food!!

  19. Too funny! My version of watching the Superbowl is watching the highlights on the news the next day! : ) I was very happy the Giants won, however. I always root for the underdog!
    Have a wonderful day!


  20. Haha...good post...Who did you say won?
    ANY excuse for a get-together is great with me, and hubby and I usually cheer for the underdogs :) but...this time no visitors... no game... just the two of us watching a good movie!! Don't tell!


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