Are Shreddies Canadian?

Good morning .. .

Remember the commercial when we were young for Shreddies Cereal?
The jingle is in my head but for the life of me I can't remember the line?
Anyways. . it doesn't really matter (as opposed to what I generally think matters).
This morning as I was making the coffee, I opened up the cupboard door, smiled,
and put this box in the counter.

My beloved glanced up from what he was reading and looked at me.
I said .. . .I saw these yesterday when I was doing groceries .. . .I was hungry for them.
He said. . . I was going to say .. . .I'm kind of hungry for cold cereal.
Don't you just love that when you think alike?
Oh and .. .they were yummy.
So, my pedometer is on today. Yesterday I had my first pedometer malfunction since the bloggy walking program began. . .
I went to the mall with the lil' farmhand and his mommy and I took the pedometer off in the change room and popped it in my purse so I wouldn't lose it. . . .
A few hours later I realized I hadn't put it back on .. .
That is my excuse and I'm sticking to it.
I'm off for my walk and then .. . .
Stuart emailed me last night saying they'll be having care group at their house and they would appreciate a batch of Paska. . .
so .. . .
I'll be setting up Paska camp again.
Have a wonderful day my friends.


  1. I may just have to have a bowl of Shreddies for lunch..after reading about them and seeing them in your bowl I want some! Power of suggestion..
    You truly are a "paska bakin' mama" lol
    And that is another thing I am hungry for..

  2. Sorry.. but I have never liked Shreddies and now they are on my 'forbidden list' , so I am off the hook !! smile

    Hmmm.. about your excuse -- doesn't that just mean you have to go back and redo all the steps you did while your pedometer was in your purse?

    PS.. Your boys sure know on which side their (paska) is buttered on, don't they ?

  3. You've really got me wanting to try that Paska recipe. Maybe I'll get a chance this weekend. I've made the Maple twists and they are just the best! Have you tried them with cream cheese frosting? Mmmmm
    Thanks for stopping by the other day.

  4. Lovella: Bringing the message of Paska to the world, one loaf at a time.

    I like your excuse. Why can't they make those things to look like a nifty belt buckle or something?

    I WILL be making Paska this year. You've made a non-Mennonite convert! I still think it is a pity you are of the Mennonite branch that doesn't wear the cute little cap.

  5. I keep wondering when my pedometer is going to end up in the toilet! :)

  6. My good friend eats Shreddies dry every morning.

    I made my first batch of Paska a couple of days ago and it is almost gone. I'll have to get at it again soon. Also my friend made your recipe yesterday for the first time. She said it turned out great.

    Have a good day.

  7. Shreddies - never heard of them before today. That was an interesting history over on Wikipedia too. They look kinda like what we can buy here called Wheat Chex Actually, I don't know if those are still around or not; I don't may much attention to the cereal aisle at the grocery store, except to find the bite size shredded wheat with bran, my cereal of choice.

    That's a good excuse you had for the pedometer malfunction. I'm with Ellen...I also keep wondering when mine will end up in the toilet!

  8. i don't think we have Shreddies down here. :) I must have missed the Paska recipe -- surely it must be on your blog somewhere. :)

  9. aha, I found it! It does sound, and look, very good!

  10. Like Sara said, they sort of resemble Wheat Chex (yes, Sara, they're still on the grocery shelf) or possibly mini-Shredded Wheat (I hated the plain ones, but I loved the sugar-coated one). I don't like milk, so I only eat cereal that tastes good dry.

  11. HAAAAACHOOO, sniffle, sniffle, cough,hack,choke,uuuhh eguze me,
    de schrddies are guud for you, righd..............righd now a bowl of chicken noodle soup and paska sound gread..........anyone, will you come do my rescue. diddna dink so, i guess i bedder pud on da chicken and crawl under my blankie.......

  12. that bowl of Shreddies with bananas looks so good! i don't even like Shreddies (sorry), but you definitely made me want to try them again!

  13. I really am enjoying my visits here. As I am new to your blog may I ask what is paska.It sounds like something really yummy....Smiles

  14. I'll pass on the shreddies (one cereal that I've never cared for!)...but how about passing me a piece of paska?
    I'm now wearing a new Sportline pedometer with a security strap (and the clip is much sturdier), so now I must get off my chair and start stepping.

  15. We love Shreddies in this house - especially those honey-flavoured ones!

    I walked/jumped/pumped 3 miles with Leslie and her crew today. But forgot to put the pedometer on! Darn - I was looking forward to seeing how many steps that added up to.

  16. Now my favorite Canadian products are Coffee Crisps and Macintosh Toffee, but then I've never tried Shreddies. I'll have to look for them the next time I'm in New Brunswick because they sure look and sound good.

  17. Paska, ah, Yes. But everyone in my family is on the low carb diets and have asked me not to make them anymore....Ouch...
    So I just try to make one loaf in my bread machine and eat it all in one day..
    I think my family is boring or maybe health conscious.
    I love it!!

  18. And I wanted to also say how funny I think it is that the Shreddies has "the touch of honey" in French.

    The way everything up north has both English and French cracks me up. Are 50% of the folks in Canada French speaking?

    Does the dual signage lead to random French vocabulary slipping into writing?

    IF you start seeing things like that written in French THEN English, start worrying. Your English speaking days will be coming to an end.

  19. I think your boys have you wrapped around their little fingers. :) You're a great Mom ... and Grandma.


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