winterspring cleanup

Shadows are a wonderful thing. Shadows give us instant gratification. . . if you can coax yourself to move from the dark into the bright light of the sun. . .well ..
it is wonderful.
I have one winter rose bud that fancied itself robust enough to make it through the winter.
I've given it a smile as I've walked by .. .thanking it for it's
winter time duty.

I marveled at the shadows cast by the worker and company.
I considered asking him if he could pose differently for my amusement .. .
but he seemed intent on getting the job done.
Terry had a friend email him concerned about his safety on the ladder in my last post.
The tree is only ten feet tall ..
the ground is not frozen ..
the ladder is a new model .. .
how bad could it be?
My chives are dreaming of baked potato and sour cream parties.

My parsley has thought of nothing else since it's last encounter with Pasta Sauce last week.

The boxwood is now feeling utterly square.

I feel quite smug. . .as it was my idea five years ago to plant it close to the house to break up the nasty looking foundation .. from our deck.

I reminded my gardener of that once again.

This was about the time where I heard the old but true line ..
"I don't smell no coffee".
I scurried off to remedy that.

He asked what to do about the out of control clematis that climes up our light pole and then gets lazy and slinks back down to the ground each year.

We chopped it back .. .
and felt quite good about it.

Pruning on the farm is complete.
Check that one off the list and enjoy one more day of glorious sunshine.
I'm off to thinly peel an orange and a lemon.
Guess what I'm going to make today.

Pedometers everyone. ..
get your hearts pumping and tally your score ..
it's only Tuesday.

Have a wonderful day my friends.

(reeely .. .haw harde isit to ficks spel chequ blog ficksers?)


  1. You're not making paska, are you? My family doesnt' need to hear about this (possibility) yet. =)
    I like your "musings" as you watch your "gardener" work. Reminded me today to be thankful for little things...actually Big things ... relationships!

  2. ok.........i'm crying now. i really really really, did i mention really need a break from this manitoba deep freeze......;-(
    i love your post as usual lovella. yesterday 19 years ago we celebrated our first daughter's 1st birthday in Langely and the weather was this nice there. yesterday was her 20th birthday and the weather was cold but we had a very warm family celebration. my brother and his family had returned that morning from the mayan riviara so the glow from their tans added a little warmth..smirk. have a great pedometer is on....;-)

  3. oops, what was i thinking! i gave up complaining for lent...;-)
    we have beautiful sunshine today, and spring is coming. thankyou Lord for all the seasons in our life. it is a good reminder that even in our personal life when we are in a winter season, God promises us spring and that nothing is forever, except His eternal love for us.........His grace through His son Jesus, He's the reason for the season. IS THAT PASKA THAT I"M SMELLING!!!!

  4. do i smell paska?? i still think it the best recipe that i've ever had. wouldn't it be nice to pop on over for a piece with extra icing and sprinkles and a cup of coffee?
    enjoy your day, lovella.

  5. Last time I checked...CANADA WAS NORTH OF MICHIGAN!!! Hows come you get grass and sun, and roses and parsley, when alls we get is snow, snow and more snow??? You ARE north of me, aren't you? Thats ok, Lovella, my spring will come. By faith.

  6. It has to be Paska!!
    I love your green grass and shrubs...ahh, all we see is white snow although it is pretty.
    It is not very pleasant out today..I must tell you and see if you can even fathom this...with windchill it's -47C. Yikes...not fit for man or beast!!
    Maple twists were baking early this morning and now are gone!! (we did have a lot of help eating them)

  7. I just love seeing the brave growing things springing from the ground after winter is over (at least, I hope it's over for you!).

    Isn't it wonderful to have all of those chores behind you?

  8. **Shhhh!**
    You are invited to a SURPRISE BLOGGY BIRTHDAY PARTY for kari tomorrow, Wednesday, Feb 20.
    She is turning 40!!!

    Stop by the party on Wednesday to mingle a bit, say hi to the birthday girl, enjoy a bite of cake, and check out the party favor giveaway!


  9. Beautiful shadows! Isn't it wonderful how simple things can be so pleasing and joyful.

    Okay, someone needs to tell me what Paska is?? Or maybe I'll find out in tomorrow's post?

    My pedometer is on too...I'm doing laundry on this gloomy, overcase Tuesday, no shadows to be seen here! And we are waaaaaay far south of you.

  10. I'm with Sara...what is Paska? Or Who is Paska?

    It's gray here today too, but the Happy Wonderer and I persevered and did our steps in the gray.

  11. Ohhh, I'm shivering along with the other Manitobans...yikes it's cold today. Oh, we have sunshine as well, but I won't be going out to check on my shadow!
    Can I come for a visit?

  12. do we really live in the same country??

    mmm - I love Paska - we lived in Manitoba for 2 years and I was introduced to it there. Delicious!

  13. I can't post...wah. But I love all that green, spring-looking yard! That's one resilient rose.


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