walking club .. .week #3

Here we are at the end of week #3. How did it go? I walked around 500 steps less this week. Blame it on the snow, and sore knee.
I am still amazed at the motivation that little pedometer provides me. I regularly check it during the day to see how many more places I need to walk to make my average better.
With the snow we had this week it was hard to get out into the slop. If your walking means getting outdoors you would have needed full rain gear to keep from being splattered as each car drove by.
I didn't have complete success at not eating in the evenings. I did better but a few evenings we were with friends and family and well . . .. the resolve soon dissapates.
There is always next week.
My legs are starting to feel like there could be some muscle activity.
Underneath the wobbles are a teensy bit of someting akin to soreness.
Woo hoo.
I'd love to hear how you are doing. If you are shy to leave a comment, please place your vote on the top sidebar to at least let us know if this walking club has encouraged you in your fitness goals.
So, today is cleaning the nest day. Every day I walk past this waist level nest snuggled in my climbing hydrangea arbor. It's occupants have travelled south for the winter and they could care less that no one has bothered to remove the snow from their little nest.
The sheets are in the wash, the nativity scene has just been put back in the box. (I couldn't put it away early this year) and the poinsettia has been hucked over the hedge into the berry field.
Time to get out the February early spring decor.
Have a wonderful day my friends, and please don't forget to leave a comment and then place your vote for the walking club.
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  1. That's my concern, about your knee.
    You've really hit the road hard and generally you need to work at increasing slowly, not that I'm an expert at it, but I've been through enough to know about some of the challenges. Sometimes you have to just bear down and hope that the pain goes away..otherwise back up a bit.

    Happy cleaning.

  2. LOL, Lovella !!! your spelling has been just fine ..and I had no trouble reading the last bit of your post either !!!!

    We haven't had any of the 'wet' stuff here yet and so I haven't been able to build a snowman with my grandkids but today looks promising, the temperature is just above freezing and the snow is just wet enough ... The kids are coming over and with some manly help we are going to try to build a BIG snowman !!

    I think your walking club is a fabulous idea !!! Keep stepping UP !!!

  3. Keep us the great work. But watch that knee. You're doing great!


  4. I slowed down this week and have no excuse, except to say I didn't step enough. My average steps came out to 9885. As you said, Lovella there's always next week..
    I failed my "non eating" in the evenings..seems like more I thought not to the more I wanted to. Although I kept it at healthy snacks.
    Funny about that last typing line..you don't need spell check because even if you would always type like that we can still read it..lol

  5. The pedometer IS motivating! I had two days of well over 10K and a few around 8K, but I didn't keep exact notes.

    Ever since you mentioned not eating in the evenings I have suddenly been craving evening snacks.

    I blame you completely for this revolting developement. Tsk.

  6. I had two really good days of walking at the conference I went to. I estimate they were about 10,000. Rats though, sometimes I bump the reset button and lose track. Then, 25 - 48 degree below zero hit and I didn't even consider walking - just crawled around on the floor with my grandchildren :). Sore knee too but getting better.

  7. I'm still looking for a pedometer -- my husband couldn't find them at Walmart. But, I did manage to do 10 minutes twice this week on the stationary bike and 5 minutes the other days (plus my stretched). I was at the mall this morning and noticed a lot of "mall walkers"!!! I even tried to notice their peds, but couldn't see any. :)

  8. I did less walking this week too. But I can't blame it on the weather. My average was 7920/day. As far as eating goes, I've been better than usual...so that's a little improvement!

    I can't believe we've done this for three weeks already....that's amazing. I would have stopped by not if not for the rest of you going along with me! Thanks.

    I think I'm feeling a bit more energetic and stronger too...woo hoo!

  9. This week it's hard to say how many steps average I did because my new pedometer just won't stay clipped to my pants!!! AAHH! I guess I will have to resort to duct tap like you suggested. I did finally find it again though out in my van. I think my steps were probably down a bit again this week. I liked this new pedometer because you could do test steps and adjust the setting so it would read your steps accurately but I think I need to find one with a better clip! I can't believe how much you walked this week!! Way to go! Grace

  10. oh dear

    Is a major ice storm a good excuse?

    Not when you have Leslie Sansone

    I'm adopting your attitude Lovella "There is always next week"

  11. Hi Lovella and walking club buddies. I am happier this week with my results. My quads were really sore late in the week. I'm still going to consider getting a pedometer this week so I can see what the difference is in what I'm guessing are my steps. I'm walking with someone with a pedometer on Wednesday so I'll compare her results and then decide...Blessings...

  12. I haven't been much of a walker this week...I must admit, but like you say 'there's always next week'! But my daughter is picking me up in a few minutes & we are off to walk the Vedder trail. I am still motivated, so that's what counts. Keep on steppin', Lovella!

    I noticed 'spellcheck' wasn't working. Hope they bring it back soon...because I happen to think spelling matters.

  13. I definitely had a better walk than last week, even though one afternoon I just sat and read a book and only got 3,000 steps that day. My average was 7,050 steps.

    I'm really enjoying this incentive!

  14. I found my pedometer on my dresser...where I left it. And it's still there! *sigh* I am not motivated...but I will be! : )


  15. Well, considering that I spent two days riding in a car (we traveled to the Gulf Coast yesterday and today), I didn't do too badly. My average was 9261.5 steps. I was manning a booth at a Health Fair for Veterans today, and was on my feet for about 4-5 hours, and probably could have accumulated the steps in that time, but I stood in one spot talking to many veterans of wars from long ago (I had to stand still and speak loudly!). At least I wasn't sitting on my posterior all day!

  16. Wooooo-hooooo!!!! So proud of you!!!! Keep the good work up! Or should i say good steps up!


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